UWN LIVE- Hermine Damage, Evacuations, Creepy Clowns, Oregon Standoff and More! ..Baal god of storms!

TRIPLE Hurricane Threat for U.S. East Coast – 10 days
09-02-2016, 11:37 PM
The National Hurricane Center is presently tracking one confirmed Tropical Storm, “Fiona” in the Atlantic, and two more “Tropical Waves” off western Africa; which could turn into THREE east coast Hurricanes during the week!
This Triple Threat of potential Hurricane strikes is shaping up for the East Coast of the United States and one report says “10 Days to*Impact.”

Tropical Storm “Fiona” is presently in the Atlantic, southeast of Bermuda, moving to the North, Northwest. *According to the report below, Fiona is going to strike New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and head up toward Boston.
Behind “Fiona” is a storm presently called “Invest 99L” *The report below shows this forming into a major Hurricane, and slamming into North and South Caorlina.
Behind that second storm is a THIRD area “of investigation” and according to the report below, this has the potential to be a MAJOR Hurricane.

Source: http://www.theprepperdome.com/breaki...coast-10-days/

A tornado outbreak hit Indiana and Ohio on August 24 on 25, 2016. Between 12:00 UTC on August 24 and 25, at least 35 tornadoes were confirmed in those two states.

Major Events Transpiring THIS MONTH! Arch Of Triumph, Wacky
Weather Patterns, And Much More!

BREAKING: "Hurricane Hermine Brings Floods To Florida 150,000 Without Power


EarthquakeReport | Sept 3, 2016 | 7 States Rocked! | Powerful 5.6 Strikes Oklahoma | Fracking Quake
Fire in the Sky — More Than 330,000 Lightning Strikes Hit Europe in Just Eight Hours

The following events are also occurring in New York, during the same timeframe, and contributing to the POWER of this Ritual:

Interesting that this celebration of the Brazilian style culture occurs around the same time the Arch is arriving.

2 shot to death at carnival before NY West Indian Day Parade
Despite More Police, West Indian Day Events Marred by Deaths
This stuff is a tribute to demonic entities and the energy they get from it gives them power!

Electric Zoo
's eighth festival brings together electronic dance music's leading lights and
Posted: Friday September 2 2016

Photograph: Bennett Sell-Kline
Above & Beyond
Look out clubs in NYC: Electric Zoo 2016 is poised to take over Labor Day weekend, bringing hoards of EDM fans to Randall's Island for the event's eighth summer. The festival has become an unmissable attraction on the electronic-dance-music circuit, featuring a wide range of artists both top name and underground. Cop a festival outfit at one of the city's best clothing stores, put on one of the best DJ mixes of 2016 and get yourself ready for Electric Zoo 2016.

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When is Electric Zoo 2016?
This year, Electric Zoo will take place Friday, September 2, 2016–Sunday, September 4, 2016.
Where is Electric Zoo 2016?
Electric Zoo takes place at Randall's Island Park, New York City
Posted By Vivienne van Vliet
Just another Pagan Orgy of Drugs and illicit sex, designed to invoke demonic spirits and provide more power for the demons to harvest.

The Great Big Bacon Picnic
Saturday September 24 2016 - Sunday September 25 2016

Are you a disciple of the "bacon makes everything better" gospel? Head to this second annual pork-focused food fest, where chefs and vendors like St. Anselm's Joe Carroll, Prime's Michael Bohlsen and Traif's Jason Marcus compete for the Boss Hog title while you feast on an all-you-can-eat spread including Oreo-bacon cookies, lobster-bacon spring rolls and bacon Bloody Marys. Cast your vote for the best pig dish, pop by the Bacon Bar to sample sliced swine (nine flavors represented last year), and get down to NOLA-meets-NYC tunes from the High & Mighty Brass Band.


Naturally, the ungodly would want to celebrate by gorging themselves on the flesh that God declared to be an abomination!!

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