Purple Rain
Prince Rogers Nelson --------------------(Born: June 7, 1958 - Died: April 21, 2016)
Symbolism Behind Prince's Death: From Denver Airport to the Zika Virus,
Robert De Niro and Madonna
The Suspicious Death of Prince: What You Need To Know So Far
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Published on Apr 26, 2016
In my last Prince video I made a comment about how Prince had been at a crossroads with his record label and two years to the day of his death he had just settled with Warner Bros. to receive his record catalog back. I also made a cheeky note that Prince is worth more dead to Warner Bros. then he was alive. (Much like Michael Jackson was worth more dead to Sony then he was alive). I ended that discussion on my video with I hope Prince had an updated Will. Today we are hearing that Prince has no WILL. His Estate is worth 300 million dollars and his catalog is worth another half a billion bucks. Makes one wonder. In this video I continue to connect the bizarre dots and symbolism that I have found with the help of several of my friends and subs, who all know who they are. Enjoy the video. The death of Prince has more twists and turns then a Formula One racetrack. Together we are a great team. Thanks for watching and sharing. Music Credit: Allemande, Wahneta Meixsell
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Rocker 'Prince' was the secret offspring of Queen Elizabeth and Sammy Davis Jr...
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Prince died, the Queen turned 90 (9- 3+3+3), and they had the Egyptian marble replica of the Palmyra arch on the spot where the Anubis had stood 9 years earlier...

This gentleman has compiled a great deal of evidence for his claim, that is rather compelling. He makes a very good case.

Before you dismiss this out of hand... check out this blog. Of course we cannot prove anything, nor can we ever know for certain. But, it is always good to investigate and be open minded.


Prince and the Lotus FLower


Obama's Manhattan Project BOOM: Oregon "This Is Not A Drill"
Amazing connection between Prince and David Bowie!
There is way to much evidence related to this connection to present here..I strongly suggest you research this topic.

Enterthe5t4rz's video - 1984 - Prince - Purple Rain
is HELL WATER Backwards

Illuminati Ritual Season III: THE PRINCE & THE QUEEN

Purple Reign all over the World

This video is focusing on mind control programming they have put into the world to color the world purple. I also discuss the song Purple Rain backwards, and Prince's song the Cross...
Published on Apr 23, 2016

Evil Purple-
The mystery of iniquity has been at work for thousands of years - with one goal in mind - to bring in the purple reign - to take mankind's peace and existence from this world - and to replace them with purple - the ones removed by the Flood.
Published on Apr 25, 2016

Continued in Part 7 - Gateways