End Times News Alerts

We are living in perilous time for sure. If you are like most folks today, you are busy and don't have the time to search the News and find out what is really going on in the world. For sure the lying, Teleprompter reading, bubble heads that "report" the news on TV or your favorite "Main Stream" talk show host WILL NOT and CAN NOT tell you what is really happening in the world today. 

All "Main Stream Media" is controlled by the same Elite Group who run the major corporations, banks and global governments. Hence, they will not report negative news that will expose the satanic agenda they are implementing. 

So I decided to put together this News Alert of the important happenings that you may want to be informed about. It will include stories that will affect you on a daily basis. Most "News" way under reported and Spun by the talking heads to cover up the Satanic Agenda.

I will try to get several stories in the form of Website links that you can view and pass on to your friends and family. Speaking of friends and family, pass along this link so they can have the News Alerts as quick as you get them.

Note: This News Alert will be mailed from the Main Host Online Ministries.org. I did it that way to avoid the hackers who have in the past hacked Exposing Satanism and caused problems. 

Make sure if you have a Spam filter that you allow online ministries access to deliver your mail to you. This is a "Double Opt-in" process which means that you have to Confirm that you indeed what to sign up and its not someone just adding your email address to the database.

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God Bless, Jon 

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