Signs and Symbols       

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Everywhere we look there are signs and symbols that identify things. Before writing was invented, man used these signs and symbols to communicate.  Symbols are still used today to identify almost everything. You need to take heed of what is happening around you. The symbol below is one of many that identifies the NWO... The New World Order. Visit Government Propaganda to find out how the satanic government, satanic United Nations.... the UN and other leaders are implementing schemes for global domination and to set up police states. 

The Furor signaling his fellow satanists in Galveston Texas 4/26/05

Below, Laura salutes her god satan as do George, Daddy Bush, The Clintons and other satanic global elite. The symbol they flash is not the Hook Um horns. The first pic below is what they should be flashing. Check out a page with various minions flashing the sign. Flashing the Satanic Salute



You see, God has a way of exposing evil in the world!!!
Symbol on USA currency. Note the all seeing eye which is an Illuminati symbol.
Owl symbol of the Bohemian Grove. Indicates the worship of the Canaanite fire god Molech
skull-bones.jpg (6743 bytes) Symbol used by the Yale University club of the Skull and Cross Bones. This is for the elite and very secret.  Your beloved Bush clan and John Kerry are members!!  Christian huh?

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