Do you believe in Magic Part 3 - And what about Magicians?
Cynthia Pawl Exposing Satanism and Witchcraft January 30, 2016

Everyone has been amazed and intrigued by the mind-blowing stunts and illusions performed by Magicians. It fills us with wonder and entertains us. What could be so wrong with that?




All About the word: Abracadbra
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Short Documentary on:
The Magic Land of Allakazam

Magic in entertainment is not really considered magic by the world. It is considered to be mere trickery designed to entertain. Not so. Yes, most of the “magic tricks” that Magicians learn very early on in their career are simple slight of hand “tricks”. Let me say here, that even this would be bad enough. Because a “trick” is a lie. Who is the father of lies and the main “trickster”? Satan. So, this is all part of his magic kingdom. But, it goes much deeper. As the magician gets farther and farther along in his pursuit of mastery of his “Craft” he finds that he reaches a level where he can not progress without assistance. At that point, he is so heavily into Magic, that he is a prime target for demonic forces. Often by this time, the Magician has already been in contact/interacting with a demon or two. Now, they become dependent on the Demon for their Magic. If the Demon does not show up, they don’t have a show.

In order for a Magician to be a Magician, they have to do a lot of things that are Forbidden. There is a list of immoral acts required by the demons, in exchange for the demon's assistance. They must pray to the demon, sacrifice to them and praise them. They willingly do these things to gain the power, wealth, and fame that they desire.

Magicians are the worst kind of evil people.
You must come to realize this, and when you do, you will look upon Magicians in a new light. The spirits who help the magicians are demons. They will manifest before the Magician in the Form of spiders, snakes even humans. They appear in many ways. None of them really is their True form. They will eventually possess the Practitioner. A person cannot become a true Magician until he has reached the highest form of disbelief in God, from which there is little chance of return.

The demons lure a person, developing the practitioner’s weaknesses and exploiting them. Some people are drawn to magic because of their own insecurities and fear, some simply for greed and lust. They innocently get caught up in learning the earliest simple tricks and through the concentration involved in learning those tricks and the satisfaction obtained when they are conquered, they are driven on to greater and more powerful tricks. Magic becomes an addiction. Like any other addiction, the person is driven to seek out more and more.

Some people are drawn into magic through a simple game like Ouija Board, Eight Ball, Tarot Cards, Dungeons and Dragons, and various video games like World of Warcraft, Zelda, and Resident Evil. Some people, whose lives seem to be filled with pain, misery, and abuse turn to magic seeking power to turn their life around. They are attracted to spells that promise to bring them love, money, or to inflict pain and even death on their perceived enemies. So we see how people are drawn in. Once they get “hooked” they are manipulated to perform more and more disgusting and abhorrent acts, until their conscience is seared. They become the slaves/servants of Satan and his demons. At that point, they are used to further the desires of Satan.

Magick arts were originally taught to humans in Babylon by the fallen angels in exchange for sexual favors.
According to Genesis 6 and the Book of Enoch: fallen angels taught Woman/Man many things, including 1.) Signs of the Earth 2.) Enchantments 3.) How to make swords, shields, knives, jewelry, and cosmetics 4.) Astrology 5.) Meteorology 6.) How to write with ink and paper 7.) Wisdom 8.) the courses of the moon 9.) Signs of the sun 10.) Growing crops

Magick as it was first taught to mankind, is very powerful magic. Not the magic used for entertaining the masses. It is serious magic that has been used to perform amazing feats throughout history. This magical power is what people tap into today to force their will upon individuals or the masses for their own purposes. These magickal arts have been controlled throughout the ages and practiced by secret societies. Passed from generation to generation.

Do magicians use demonic powers to do their tricks?
Excellent video from the Christian viewpoint - about half an hour study on demonic powers and magic.

Real Demon Is Boldly Introduced On-Stage On National Television! Proof That Many Magicians Utilize Powers of Hell In Their Magic! (Jaw-Dropping Videos)
Actual videos of different magicians manifesting demonic power on stage.


The Magic Castle
Promoting Magick

"You must never tell, not a soul"

The Magicians Oath is a sacred rite of passage for all magicians, any students that are accepted into the courses will have to take The Magicians Oath and also sign a secrecy agreement.

Magicians Oath -

  • As a magician I commit to the promise, to never reveal the secrets of magic to a non-magician.

  • I promise never to perform any illusion for any non-magician without first practicing the effect until I can perform it well enough to maintain the illusion of magic.

  • I shall respect the art of magic and fellow magicians.

  • I swear to uphold the Magician's oath.

  • Once accepted, whether you remain a student or rise to the level of a celebrity magician, we will never reveal another magician's secrets. Every magician's secrets are their own, as it says in the oath, "I shall respect the art of magic and fellow magicians".

  • Magic is the art of secrets you must never tell, not a soul!

“There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick, there is not a swindle, and there is not a vice which does not live by secrecy."
― Joseph Pulitzer

Clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts
And Night Club for Magicians


See this 2:43 min video “Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists

Continued in Part 4 - Magic and Witchcraft