Hellywood Hookers

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Joy Villa: Straight Up Prostitution Is How Hollywood Is Run These Days

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News Wars – In a segment with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, singer and avid Trump supporter Joy Villa described her firsthand encounters with entertainment industry scumbags who prey on vulnerable young women and men.

Sexual misconduct in Hollywood is “absolutely prominent,” according to Villa who said, “The reason it was kept secret so long is because it’s normal.”

“It’s very common for high level execs to prey on young artists… The biggest shock of this is that honestly, people in the entertainment industry are not shocked at this,” she continued.

Villa shared a personal experience where the CEO of a Burbank, California talent agency directly asked for sexual favors in exchange for fame and fortune.

Referring to the encounter, she said, “It was straight up prostitution and that’s really how Hollywood is run these days and it has been for a long time.”

She predicted additional stories will come out soon because, “The tower of Hollywood, this Hollywood swamp is starting to crumble.”

Tucker asked why “nobody has said anything,” and Villa replied, “It’s buried by the actual establishment of Hollywood so it’s not just one evil guy, it’s everyone around them who are burying the story and not letting other people speak.”

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