Satanism Is The Force Of Evil Behind The Unbridled Chaos Happening All Across The Planet 

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I will add the Witchcraft is just a big a problem as the evil force behind it is the same false god Satan, Lucifer, the Devil!

John 10:10 “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

1st Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”

As The Secret Societies Seeking To Rule Over The World Push The Final Battle Of Gog And Magog, Satanism Is The Force Of Evil Behind The Unbridled Chaos Happening All Across The Planet 

By Alan Barton –  All News Pipeline

My original intent was to write on the topic of who is actually our enemy and to cover items like “Russia is” so we put sanctions (economically and otherwise) on them yet their economy is booming like never before.  Sanctions on their energy production yet they are selling more natural gas and petroleum products than ever before, berating them for their ever increasing nuclear capabilities yet we sell them and outright give them our uranium yet buy it back enriched for our power plants from them, destroy some crude pipelines in the north yet help them install pipelines in the south (think Turkey etc.), destroy their currency yet it is ours being destroyed, lambast their space program yet we buy some engines from them (Russian RD-180 is in our Atlas launch vehicles) to equip our space rockets with the newer RD-181’s still being delivered, and many more topics that disprove our war against Russia is for real. 

Then we say we are at war with Iran and we get the same results.  Many billions in cash funds to Iran, direct military equipment directed through Afghanistan, sanctions that do not work, attacking their proxies in Lebanon and Syria yet also funding their operations, direct support of many of their operations on our college campuses, in our think tanks, and so forth.  Are we really at war with them?  According to the propaganda agents in the “news” media we are, but not in the actual realms of assistance of many forms.

Chaos; that is the term that comes to mind, CHAOS!  And that is just what it really is.  Antifa has no lock on that term and I am surprised that they did not use the chaos star symbol as their logo.  As we began, my original intent shifted somewhat, but it is still about chaos and who our enemies really are and Russia and Iran are still near the top, along with China and the concept of totalitarian regimes they all represent.  But there is a twist to it all, one may say a bit of chaos in the ranks.  Chaos is also prevalent in Satanism which is the force behind what is now happening in this world. 

In an article on Sacred Geopolitics, we get a glimpse of the ideas that the world political and military leaders are obsessed with the idea of the end times battles.  No, it is not just the Islamic beliefs that reverse the roles of Satan and God, but many others do as well.  We have covered before how the Islamic ideas are that they will usher in the end times by destroying Israel just as God said the forces of Satan would, but they are joined by many world leaders as well.  Russia is one of them, but one other may be (or may not be to many of us) a surprise.  Let me quote from that article briefly to help explain.

Similar expectations were expressed by George W. Bush. In the lead-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Bush told French president Jacques Chirac, “Gog and Magog are at work in the Middle East.” In what sounded like a conflation of New Age and Evangelical teachings, he urged the French leader, “This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase His people’s enemies before a new age begins.” …. Chirac wondered, “how someone could be so superficial and fanatical in their beliefs.” In that same year, Bush is also said to have told the Palestinian minister of affairs that with his invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, he was on a divine mission and had received orders from God himself.”  (Wessels. The Torah, the Gospel, and the Qur’an, p. 193)

Yeh, let that sink in a moment.

A Russian philosopher named Alexander Dugin (he was in the news a lot about 2 to 10 years ago) in a book called Konspirologya said

Order of Eurasia against Order of Atlantic (Atlantides).

Eternal Rome against Eternal Carthago.

Occult punic war invisibly continuing during millennia.

Planetary conspiracy of Land against the Sea, Earth against Water, Authoritarianism and Idea against Democracy and Matter

Eurasia being the greater Eastern Europe and northern Asia, basically the larger land mass that had at one time been the USSR.  The Atlantic references the western European nations allied with the United States, fundamentally England (island) and the US (island-continent) water based nations.  Eternal Rome and Cathargo references Cato the Elder’s push for the Punic Wars in the Roman Senate and denotes the love of war.  The reference to the occult is a major give away as to what forces are involved while the terms Earth (land) and Water (the Sea) reference greater Russia (land locked) versus the Atlantic Great Britain and America coalition (think Nato).  Authoritarianism and Idea reference that they know best and we should not argue while our view of democracy (common consent of the governed) is somehow drastically inferior.  Yes it is a call for war against the Christian West in totality.  One may think that since Putin claims the Russian Orthodox Church is so great he must be a Christian, but that is a false claim.  He is not a true Christian in any sense; it is all appearances for power sake.  And yes, the cultist and occultist beliefs that this is a replay of the ancient Atlantis (represented by the idea of Phoenician / Anglo-Saxon water world) versus the Shambhala northern White nations center of the continent that birthed the Aryan Russian race. The Order of Eurasia and the Order of Atlantism are at perpetual war as Dugin teaches that they are the representatives of “the Brotherhood of Light” while the West is the realm of evil magicians or “the Brothers of Shadow”.  Shambhala versus Atlantis; Traditional Liberal (Liberty and Freedom) trade/capital/markets against dictatorial regimentation and virtual slavery.  

This is all covered in Dugin’s book The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia and Vlad Putin follows this doctrine to the letter and is why Dugin is considered by so many (especially inside Russia) the spiritual and doctrinal master over Putin.  Al-Jazeera calls Dugin Putin’s Brain while the New York Times calls him Putin’s Philosopher.  He is calling for what amounts to a new Imperial Russia under the ideas of Eurasianism using his ultranationalist vision against the “decadent” west.  We may look at it as our Good verses their Evil, but that is too stark; the evil in our various secret societies that are out to rule the world easily matches any evil in the Communist based systems they represent while they participate in those same institutions of secret evils to rule the world themselves.  This creates a conflict that can be; nay, will be earth destroying in its finality.  An interesting short (8.5 minutes) video covering some of the basics of this may be seen in the first video below. A bit longer at 26 minutes, the second video below briefly covers the concept of Eurasianism and the goals of that concept.  

Also in this book are his visions of the future, things that Russia must do.  For instance, the annexation of Ukraine which is underway right now, the invasion of Georgia that occurred in 2008, the annexation of Crimea that happened in 2014, his ideas of control of Turkey which is also underway and control of Armenia and its ties to Tehran.  Step back a bit and look at those areas again.  Russia, Turkey and those areas around them constitute Gog under many translations, while Tehran represents Persia, making a huge portion of the Gog/Magog coalition that will try to destroy Israel once and for all.  True, we need to add in the northern coasts of Africa and some others into that mix, but the final battle forces are aligning right before our yes.  Although China is not mentioned specifically except that it is not in Dugin’s list of Shambhala nations, but do not discount them being involved as it appears they are very much so at this time.  There is still a bit of time and many circumstances and conditions that must be met before the final wars, but things are aligning rapidly and Russia is playing her part. 

This may be a good time to set a few things straight.  People all over the world under Gods beautiful Creation are wonderful.  True, there are many differences in culture and the like but we are all God’s children.  Governments and to some extent religions are not under this blanket approval I just gave.  Many good people are in Islam, but the religion/political force that it is pure evil.  Billions of good people all over the place will be wiped out in the coming wars just as God announced thousands of years ago.  Jews are also usually very good people even though their religion (also a in fact a political force) is the one that killed their and our God.  The political Judaism is pure evil now while in its original form back in the days of King David it was not so; God formed it under the hand of Moses to represent His people that His only begotten son would descend from.   It is through them that the records of the Creation, the cleansing of the earth by flood (I also think the earth’s literal baptism), the Prophets of history, our scriptures including what is to me the most precious, the New Testament, came through.  But the evil is in the leadership of the Jews.  In the twisting of the Law for their own material benefit while destroying the peace and truths that it originally contained and by the myriad of little things that Christ himself said destroys the meaning of the Law just as many or even most modern Christian sects do today, but do we all hate all the Christians because of the pure evil of so many of its leaders?  That Law told of the coming Christ and Jesus of Nazareth is that fulfillment that they reject.  That is the evil that will be wiped out when He returns and establishes the very few remnants of that people to His gospel.  Not everything evil is of the so-called Jews (nor is all called Jew actually of the tribe of Judah) and the coalitions forming to wipe them out are just as evil as the Pharisees including the irrational Jew hatred.

To quote from The Strategy Bridge on Dugin’s visions yet to come we find that his “strategic vision spans the entirety of the world; it is ambitious and reeks of eschatological fantasies. There are, however, several points that can be seen as near-term concerns for western powers. The cornerstones of his grand strategy …. come in the form of three axes: the Moscow-Berlin Axis, the Moscow-Tokyo Axis, and the Moscow-Tehran Axis. The Moscow-Berlin Axis focuses on the separation of former-Soviet states in Europe from the Atlanticists, specifically, breaking them away from the European Union and NATO. The Moscow-Tokyo Axis seeks to combat China. The Moscow-Tehran Axis aims to influence the Islamic world.”  I would consider the Moscow-Tokyo Axis to now be the Moscow-Beijing Axis but that can also change. I also very much doubt that there is any real trust in that relationship and may fall apart rapidly when the final wars are underway just as the DC-Moscow ones did right near the end of WWII.

The next quote from that article I see as important to understand it this one; “strategic vision spans the entirety of the world; it is ambitious and reeks of eschatological fantasies. There are, however, several points that can be seen as near-term concerns for western powers. The cornerstones of his grand strategy, Dunlop says, come in the form of three axes: the Moscow-Berlin Axis, the Moscow-Tokyo Axis, and the Moscow-Tehran Axis. The Moscow-Berlin Axis focuses on the separation of former-Soviet states in Europe from the Atlanticists, specifically, breaking them away from the European Union and NATO. The Moscow-Tokyo Axis seeks to combat China. The Moscow-Tehran Axis aims to influence the Islamic world.”  At the same time do not discount Libya’s work with Russia as many of Wagner Groups mercenaries are in fact Libyan.  The Gog coalition is forming indeed.  Dugin’s deep involvement in Russia’s military brass is very high with them teaching his works in their military schools.  His great influence on Putin is also not to be forgotten.

Stanford Politics 6 years ago said “Eurasianism provides the ideological basis for Putin’s foreign policy” and that “in addition to its activities in Ukraine, Iran, and Turkey, Russia is becoming an increasingly powerful political force in Western Europe and the United States.”  That is even more evident now than ever and as we noted at the beginning of this column, “original intent was to write on the topic of who is actually our enemy and to cover items like “Russia is”” and I think we answered that one fairly well for such a short column.  There is nothing really new in this column, and I tried to group things to make more sense and increase our understanding of just what we have gotten ourselves into.

And as we devolve closer to actual civil war here in this once great nation, I would also like to quote this bit that covers the so-called Alt-Right and their destructive forces on this nation.  “In the United States, the white nationalist alt-right also has links to Russia. Alt-right leader Richard Spencer is married to Nina Kouprianova, a Russian who is an English translator of Dugin’s works. Ultimately, Dugin seeks to export identitarianism, be it cultural, racial, religious or national, beyond Russia’s borders and into Europe and North America. It is not surprising that the alt-right, which promotes the establishment of a whites-only ethno-state, is emboldened by Dugin’s identitarian message. Furthermore, Russia’s apparent invigoration of the alt-right presents a serious problem here in the United States. As ethnic tribalism, which the alt-right embodies, becomes more prevalent in our country, it will tear at the fragile unity that makes the idea of America possible.”  The current race wars and attacks on and hatred of WHITES is just one aspect of tearing this nation apart.  Wait until the anti-Christian wars get up to speed if you think this is getting bad.

We see that this strategy has been at work for awhile now and has made deep paths of rot in our society with the Kenyan running the White House by remote control.  The evil left (includes the Alt-Right which is the major war hawk faction now) is doing all it can to push us into nuclear war with Russia, which they also seem to relish the thought of.  May God have mercy upon us all.

God Bless

Posted with permission from All News Pipeline

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