Music and the Spirit Behind It

There are one of Two Spirits behind Music. One, the Holy Spirit anointed, or the Demonic Spirit from Lucifer and his hounds of Hell. There is NO in-between.

Here is an excerpt from the Series Send in the Clowns which is inspired by the demonic band Insane Clown Posse. This is from Part 4.

How is Music Demonically Inspired?
The truth about Rock and Roll and the Spirit behind it, would be a good place to start. The preceding link will take you to a good article on Rock and Roll. The following insert contains some excellent Videos on the subject. Sad to say, but most of so called Christian Music falls into the Demonically Inspired Category!

They Sold Their Souls For Rock and Roll takes you through the popular bands of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and many more. These are the ones I listened to, just like many of you, never really paying attention to the lyrics. Having the devil’s lies drummed into your head 24/7 does not come without consequences! If this form of Rock and Roll will invoke Satan, just think how much more destructive the music of the Hard rock, Heavy Metal and Horror Core Rap must be. Take note of who is the top rated band of the Horror Core! These bands openly worship Satan in their concerts and invoke his demons to empower their music to possess the listeners. This is a perversion of the Christian altar call to invite Jesus into your life! Follow the links below for more:​

Christian singer Jeannie Ortega sensationally claims that she was told by a top record producer that Jay-Z hosts Eyes Wide Shut-style occult parties attended by the leading lights of the industry.

Season of the Witch: A look into the occult and rock ‘n’ roll with author Peter Bebergal

Jed Gottlieb The Boston Hearld October 15, 2014

I know a lot about the occult. I know Iron Maiden and Ozzy, Judas Priest and whatever I could get out of my “Dungeon Master’s Guide.” But Peter Bebergal knows a good deal more.

Author of “Season Of The Witch: How The Occult Saved Rock & Roll,” Bebergal is kind of an expert on the devil and rock. Ahead of his reading and rock show at T.T. The Bear’s tomorrow night — with live sets from Elder, Ghost Box Orchestra and Herbcraft — I asked him to expound on some of my favorite occult linked rock songs. Read at your peril!

“The Number of the Beast” – Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden had it all: great crunchy guitars, a terrific vocalist, and lyrics that were certain to terrify parents and ministers; everything a heavy metal band in the 1980s needed to succeed. This song in particular perfectly highlights how the occult imagination had come to dominate popular culture. The year this song was released — 1982 — saw such films as “Poltergeist” and “Creepshow,” and the made-for TV movie “Mazes & Monsters” about the dangers of Dungeons & Dragons. It was also the peak year of what is known as the Satanic Panic. “The Number of the Beast” mirrored all this and did it with just enough over-the-top goodness to make this one of the standout songs of the 1980s. The cover art alone would inspire the whole look-and-feel of heavy metal for decades, but what really gives Iron Maiden their power is the playfulness, the sense that they didn’t take it all very seriously. It’s only rock and roll after all.

“Sympathy for the Devil” – The Rolling Stones

Mick Jagger fancied himself as a kind of Mephistophelean dandy with a wicked affectation and a smoldering sexuality, but in this song he plays both the devil and the prophet. This song highlights exactly how the mystical paisley spiritual promise of the 1960s was starting to falter, and would ultimately end in violence by way of the concert at Altamont and Charles Manson. For a time Jagger was curious about occult ideas, and even hobnobbed with underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger who wanted Jagger to be the star of his occult film “ Lucifer Rising.” Anger and the Stones eventually had a falling out, and Jagger decided playing a role in your music was far different from actually dressing the part for a film intended to serve an actual occult ritual. The song is an essential artifact from the time, and in my book “Season of the Witch.” I detail how in the early 1970s his idea of the devil would come to replace the LSD colored spirituality of the 1960s.

“The Wizard” – Black Sabbath

This song is more like a moment in “The Lord of the Rings” than the dark conjurations of the first metal band. How anyone was afraid of Black Sabbath because of this song is a mystery. The titular magic user keeps the evil at bay, and everyone he meets is left feeling terrific! Nevertheless, the subject matter is still one that was suspect by those who saw rock as nothing more than Satan’s mouthpiece. For many, any mention of magic, even in such a lighthearted way as this song, especially when sung by a band called Black Sabbath, was no less dangerous than calling Satan by name directly. But Black Sabbath were also having fun with this, capturing all the wonderful and weird elements of pop culture of the 1970s, such as fantasy novels, role-playing games, and monster movies. It’s kind of a terrible song, though, maybe the worst on the album. Nothing sounds less like a kindly but powerful wizard than a harmonica.

Now listen from a TRUE Christian perspective

Former Christian Rapper Milton Brown and Gabriel Swaggart are special guest panelist. Pastor Brown shares his testimony about what led him away from this genre of music.

Part 2 here

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