Signs and Symbols of Witchcraft Paganism and the New Age Page 2

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Here are some more Symbols used in Witchcraft. There are many more and as time permits I will add them.

Healer’s Hand (Reiki Hand) – This is a fairly well known image, borrowed from Native American solar pictographs. It is used most often today to symbolize the energy-emitting hand of a Reiki or other spiritual healer. Reiki is a New Age healing practice that involves the manipulation of energy by initiates through symbols, which are created by moving the hands in specified patterns over the body. The meaning of the pictographic form, which is found in many places in the southwestern US, is unknown, but with its solar spiral likely represents a Shaman’s power

The Menat (Menit, Menyat) – was an emblem of the goddess Hathor, a beaded necklace or collar with a counterweight which symbolized the life-force. The necklace was worn by priests and priestesses of Hathor, and by pharaohs and their queens. The menat was a frequent offering to the goddess, and menat amulets were worn to attract prosperity and good fortune.
Mudra – or sign of power is used in the Buddhist and Hindu religions. Each hand position represents a different spiritual truth; they are used during meditation, on statuary, and in sacred dance,

The Triple Horn of Odin (Triple horn, Horned triskele) – is a stylized emblem of the Norse God Odin. This symbol consists of three interlocked drinking horns, and is commonly worn or displayed as a sign of commitment to the modern Asatru faith.

Triceps – The triceps was used into the middle ages as a magical sign of protection. The othala rune signifies the home and one’s ancestors. Also it is the emblem of Mitsubishi Motors

Monas Hieroglphica – an emblem of the Azoth, or Philosopher’s stone. Based on the Egyptian Ankh and contains symbols of the seven planets/alchemical metals.

Sigils – The word sigil means a seal or device like a personal seal or a printer’s mark. The word today usually denotes a magical sigil, a glyph used in ritual or sympathetic magick as a focus, or for summoning angels, demons, or spirits. Sigils as the signature of ‘mark’ of a spirit began in antiquity and reached a peak of popularity during the Renaissance. The seal or signature of an angel, spirit, or demon was thought to contain the essence of that being’s name, and give one power to summon that entity. See Google Images to get an idea of hundreds of such symbols.
The Enochian alphabet – the magical language Renaissance philosopher and mathematician John Dee reportedly received from Angelic messengers through medium Edward Kelley in the late sixteenth century. Dee noted in his diaries that the letters represented the order of man’s creation. Although Dee himself referred to the alphabet as “Adamic,” the alphabet was eventually named for the Biblical prophet Enoch. The occult likes to leave messages in code. This is just one of many demon inspired ways of communicating. See large image here
The Egg of Life – See this link for an explanation of this and the next 2 Symbols
The Seed of Life
The Flower of Life


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