Apostates gather to Worship the Spirit of Santa Claus

One World Religion adherents gather to pray to their false gods and advance the coming of the anti-Christ!

United in Christ? Sounds real good huh?

What Santa Claus Has to Do With Kenneth Copeland, Lou Engle, Che Ahn and Mike Bickle

Charisma News – As the legend of St. Nick begins to make the rounds ahead of Christmas, there’s a deeper meaning in the man’s life that united the who’s who of the charismatic world hundreds of years later.

Kenneth Copeland, Mike Bickle, Che Ahn, Lou Engle, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo and John Arnott, to name a few, spent last week on their knees in Kansas City, Missouri, to celebrate major milestones in the international church. It was all part of Kairos 2017, a conference hosted by United in Christ.

Initially, the idea for the conference was birthed in Bari, Italy, where the Basilica di San Nicola holds some of Saint Nicholas’ relics. The city represents a place of neutrality for the Catholic and Orthodox churches, which both consider the basilica worthy of pilgrimage.

As Matteo Calisi, the founder of United in Christ, bridged the gap between the Catholic church and charismatic leaders, he and others began to pray into the idea of renewal. For 2017, United in Christ wanted to honor the reconciliation between denominations with a time of prayer, fasting and celebration.

“We want to launch for the first time ever, Catholics and non-Catholics and Orthodox, Messianics and all other Christians, an assertive joint effort of prayer and fasting for the harvest for world evangelism,” Bruno Ierullo, a pastor of a Catch the Fire church in Canada, as well as the vice president of United in Christ. “This is just like, amazing! There a lot of people just excited [for what’s to come].”

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