Cannibal Caretaker: Elderly woman dies after getting allegedly gnawed to death

CHEROKEE VILLAGE, AR (KAIT) – A Cherokee Village man returned home last week to find his mother lying in a pool of blood, covered in bite marks. Now, his mother is dead and the woman hired to care for her is in jail.

On Thursday afternoon, May 11, the victim’s son found his mother and 55-year-old Jennifer Lea Collins on the floor of his home on Mixtec Drive. He told officers he had hired Collins to take care of his mother.

The elderly woman had “part of her chin bitten off,” according to police records obtained by Region 8 News. “She had also been bitten on the face, hand, arm, leg, and the nipple of the victim’s left breast had been bitten off.”

Collins, according to the court document, had blood on her mouth.

Officers also noted that Collins “smelled of alcohol” and did not make sense when answering their questions.

On Thursday, May 18, the victim died, according to Henry Boyce, prosecuting attorney for the Third Judicial District. Her body has been sent to the state crime lab for autopsy.

“It is a horrific and tragic case,” Boyce told Region 8 News. He added that the latest developments in the investigation have led to the “possibility of murder charges being brought.”

“To think someone would do the stuff that I heard about that lady doing to that little elderly lady, that’s disturbing,” Brittany McGuire, a resident said. “It’s making me think that lady might have had some problems.” Read all here and see news video.

Yea she had some problems alright! There are many news stories over the last couple of years of the exact same thing. People gnawing on living people. These people were on drugs mainly that synthetic drug flakka, dubbed the Zombie Drug because it puts people into a mindless Zombie state.

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