Catholics in Ireland and becoming more and more Demon Possessed!

There is such a rise in demon possession of the “Faithful” the Catholic Church is begging for more exorcists! That is not going to help. What they need to do is CAST OUT Catholicism!

They are being possessed because Catholics are NOT Christians, and have NO protection at all from Satan and his demons.

Catholic News AgencyAn Irish priest and exorcist is asking the country’s bishops for more support after noticing a dramatic increase in demonic activity in the country.

In a recent interview with The Irish Catholic, Fr. Pat Collins said he has been overwhelmed with the number of requests for exorcisms from the faithful in Ireland. In an open letter, he has urged the Irish bishops to train more priests to deal with the demand.

“(I)t’s only in recent years that the demand has risen exponentially,” Collins told The Irish Catholic.

Collins’ comments are on par with those of other exorcists throughout the world, including the International Association of Exorcists (IAE), a group of 400 Catholic leaders and priests, which has reported a dramatic increase in demonic activity in recent years.

In 2014, the IAE said the levels of demonic activity throughout the world had reached what they considered a “pastoral emergency.”

Collins said that he was “baffled” that the bishops haven’t trained more exorcists for Ireland, and added that anyone who doesn’t see the need for more exorcists is “out of touch with reality.”

“What I’m finding out desperately, is people who in their own minds believe – rightly or wrongly – that they’re afflicted by an evil spirit,” Collins said.

“I think in many cases they wrongly think it, but when they turn to the Church, the Church doesn’t know what to do with them and they refer them on either to a psychologist or to somebody that they’ve heard of that is interested in this form of ministry, and they do fall between the cracks and often are not helped,” he added.

A spokesperson for the bishops’ conference at Maynooth told The Irish Catholic that each diocese is required to have a trained exorcist, who is able to discern the difference between signs of true demonic possession and signs of mental or psychological illness.

“Exorcisms are very rare and this office has not been made aware of any cases of ‘exorcism’ in Ireland in recent years,” the spokesperson said.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between demonic activity and mental illness. From paragraph 1673: “Exorcism is directed at the expulsion of demons or to the liberation from demonic possession through the spiritual authority which Jesus entrusted to his Church. Illness, especially psychological illness, is a very different matter; treating this is the concern of medical science. Therefore, before an exorcism is performed, it is important to ascertain that one is dealing with the presence of the Evil One, and not an illness.”

Source: Catholic News Agency

In another report from the Christian Times, “people being pulled from their beds”!

A priest has warned that the demand for exorcists in Ireland is increasing “exponentially.”

An Irish priest has called on church leaders to appoint more exorcists to deal with increasing incidents of demonic possessions and other strange phenomena in the country.

In an interview with The Irish Catholic, renowned exorcist Fr. Pat Collins said that people come to him on a daily basis to seek his help in dealing with what they believe to be demonic possession and other evil occurrences.

He said that he is “baffled” that Irish bishops are not making any effort to appoint more priests to investigate claims such as ghostly encounters, people being pulled from their beds, and even full-blown possession. See the rest here.