Demon Spirit manifests in Statue of Jesus during Mass in a Synagogue of Satan

Stupid Idol worshipers call it a miracle. The priest of the Mexican church has a little bit of sense and stated “the statue’s head collapsed as fur ropes holding it gave way”

But thousand will flock to that demonic manifestation and worship it,  advancing their decline to Hell!

The MIRROR – The moment a Jesus statue apparently moved its head during a Good Friday mass has been branded a “miracle.”

The rare phenomenon is said to have taken place in a church in the western Mexican state of Jalisco.

A worshippers claims they filmed the crucified Christ figure move its head at the church of Santa Ana in Tepetitlan.

Witness Estela Gomez told local media: “He wants to tell us something, he wants something from us.” Read more at the Mirror.

Yea some one is telling you something and wants something from you alright, and it is NOT Jesus! SATAN can and will inhabit objects like statues. This crap of tears coming from statues and pictures of Jesus and Mary is Witchcraft right out of the whore of Babylon false church. It is akin to stupid people seeing visions of Mary, the now co-redeemer and intercessor of the whore religion!