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Do Studies prove Chemicals in Alcohol, Food and Water are changing Men into Homosexuals and Women into Lesbians?

Chemicals DO NOT DISSIPATE when excreted from the body and are making their way back into our food and water supply. Naturally, this is greatly affecting the fish and wildlife as well!

The chemicals are powerful and do affect us. However, they are NOT THE CAUSE of these outlandish behaviors. They are a Catalyst for the Sin Nature handed down from generation to generation, dating all the way back to Adam and Eve!

Jon Watkins Online Ministries May 9, 2017
Cynthia Pawl edited and added to the article

Proverbs 31:6 “Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts.”

Ephesians 5:18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;

Keep reading to find out how all this relates to Billy Joe McAllister!

Drinking Alcohol Makes Straight Men More Sexually Fluid: ‘Beer Goggles’ Boost Physical Attraction To Same Sex

Medical Daily – Many of us are all too familiar with the “beer goggles” effect: friends and strangers alike become more attractive after a drink or two. Undoubtedly, drinking alcohol lowers our inhibitions and makes us more open to experimentation with the same sex. In a new study, published in The Journal of Social Psychology, straight men were found to be more physically attracted to other men after a few drinks.

“Most notably, alcohol intake was related to increased sexual willingness of men with a same-sex partner, suggesting a potential shift in normative casual sexual behavior among heterosexual men,” wrote the authors in the study.

Researchers recruited a total of 83 straight men and women who were bar hopping in the Midwest at night. The participants were asked to complete a survey about how many drinks they’d had that night. In addition, they had to watch a 40-second video of either a physically attractive man or woman drinking at a bar and chatting with the bartender. Then, the participants rated their sexual interest in the person in the video, from buying them a drink to going home together to have sex.

Unsurprisingly, men showed high interest when the attractive woman was on the screen; women naturally were more attracted to the man. Moreover, men were more likely to make sexual comments about the woman after the video. Overall, they expressed more sexual interest in the women, regardless of how much they had. This coincides with previous research that concedes men tend to be more lax about casual sex with strangers.

However, the researchers noted an interesting observation: the more alcohol men drank, the more interested they became in the man in the video. Men who had nothing to drink showed no interest. Those who consumed over 10 alcoholic drinks were more likely to entertain the idea of gay sex just as much as having sex with a woman. Source.

Straight Women Turned On By Attractive Women Are Either ‘Bisexual Or Gay,’

Women’s sexual preferences tend to be a gray area. A 2011 study from Boise State University found 60 percent of heterosexual women admitted to being attracted to other women, while 45 percent had kissed another woman. Fifty percent of those participants also reported same-sex sexual fantasies. Based on these results. the researchers suggested women are more affectionate with other women because of their friendlier nature. In turn, this presents an opportunity for intimacy or even romantic feelings to develop.

The findings revealed straight women were strongly sexually aroused by videos of both attractive men and women, even if they chose men as their sexual preference. This was in stark contrast to lesbian women who showed much stronger sexual responses to their preferred sex — women. Lesbians were seen as more “male-typical” in their arousal than women, meaning their responses seemed to align more with those of men, and were therefore distinct from other women. Source.

US water is overly medicated

With billions of US meds, algae, fish, and insects getting high on contaminated sewage.

The United States of America is a highly medicated country: almost seven in 10 Americans take prescription drugs. That translates to 4.4 billion prescriptions and nearly $310 billion spent on medication in 2015. Painkillers, cholesterol-lowering medications, and antidepressants top the list of drugs most commonly prescribed by doctors.

Where drugs go after we’re done with them, meaning what happens when we excrete them?

Americans aren’t just putting these drugs into their bodies; they’re also putting more drugs into the environment. A growing body of research suggests all types of drugs, from illegal drugs to antibiotics to hormones, enter the environment through sewage and cesspool systems across the country. And while pharmaceutical drugs—when used as prescribed—are capable of curing disease and alleviating symptoms in people, they can wreak havoc on nature.

There, they persist for long periods without breaking down. Hormones in medications like birth control cause changes such as intersex development in fish and amphibians. Antidepressants have been found in the brain tissue of fish downstream from wastewater treatment plants. Research on the presence of illegal drugs in water bodies has revealed some interesting trends: drug concentrations are highest on weekends and skyrocket after social events, such as music festivals, where large quantities of drugs are often consumed.

Amphetamines, a class of both legal and illegal stimulant drugs, also appear to have an effect on aquatic ecosystems, according to new research. For people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), amphetamines can mean the difference between extreme distraction and intense focus. For people seeking an illicit high, amphetamines like meth and amphetamine-related drugs like ecstasy result in an overwhelmingly euphoric—often dangerous—high.

In 2012, 16 million people were prescribed legal amphetamines in the United States, and about 1.2 million people took illicit methamphetamine. Hundreds of thousands took prescription amphetamines illegally or in an addictive manner. Source.

What in the world does the ode to Billy Joe have to do with this information you ask?

In the movie, Ode to Billy Joe, (1976 starring Robbie Benson) he gets slobbering drunk and had Homosexual relations with his Homosexual Boss!

Set in 1953, the film explores the budding relationship between Billy Joe McAllister and Bobbie Lee Hartley, despite resistance from Hartley’s family, who contend she is too young to date. One night at a jamboree, McAllister gets drunk and seems nauseated and confused when entering a makeshift whorehouse behind the gathering.

It turns out that in his inebriated state, he had sex with another man, later revealed to be his sawmill boss, Dewey Barksdale. After disappearing for days, Billy Joe returns to bid an enigmatic goodbye to Bobbie Lee, telling her that he has been with a man. Overcome with guilt, Billy Joe subsequently kills himself by jumping off the bridge spanning the Tallahatchie River. The local preacher, who has seen Billy Joe and Bobbie Lee together, and other townsfolk spread the false story that Billy Joe had impregnated Bobbie Lee out of wedlock, and then committed suicide. Source: Wikipedia

How many people have we heard of that commit suicide because they are miserable inside because of the SIN of Homosexuality?

Did Billy Joe McAllister turn Queer because of Drunkenness?

No! But, his drunkenness did not help matters! If you note in the movie clip below, he makes several truthful, and enlightening statements:

0.10: “I ain’t alright” at 0.30 “Bobby, I have been with a man. Did you hear me? Which is a sin against nature, a sin against God” at 0.45 ” I don’t know how I coulda done it, I swear” at 0.55 “I don’t know how I could be wantin you and do that” . Bobby Lee says ” but you were drunk….. everyone saw how drunk you were” at 1:15 ” I knew……. I knew it was happenin” and it goes on from there.
He is struggling with an inner conflict, having to choose between the girl he loves, (Bobby Lee) and the desires brought on by the Sin Nature manipulated by the demons that manifested in his proclivity to homosexuality. All of this was brought on through his abuse of alcohol.

Drugs, Booze and Chemicals are only the gateway. They only enhance and bring forth our innate proclivity to certain Sins and Iniquities that are handed down through family lines. I wrote a series about that not long ago: Generational, Ancestral and Family Curses. You can’t avoid the Sin Nature, however there is a cure for the Sin of Homosexuality, Lesbianism and other Sexual Perversions.

Perhaps what we ought to consider and what seems to be overlooked here is the spiritual aspect of this phenomenon.
Consider the following information for a moment.


The earliest cult images of Bacchus/Dionysus show a mature male, bearded and robed, holding a fennel staff, tipped with a pine-cone and known as a thyrsus. (Pinecones are symbolic of male sexual prowess and fertility) Later images show him as a beardless, sensuous, naked or half-naked androgynous youth: the literature describes him as womanly or “man-womanish”.

Bacchus is the Roman God of wine and intoxication, the patron deity of agriculture and the theatre, known as the Liberator, freeing one from one’s normal self, by madness, ecstasy, or wine. The divine mission of Dionysus was to bring an end to care and worry. He is also thought to be the God of communication with the dead. His followers believe they are inspired to relish in earthly delights, ignoring any consequences.


1. A devotee of Bacchus; one who indulges in drunken revels; one who is noisy and riotous when intoxicated; a carouser.
2. (in the plural) The festival of Bacchus; the bacchanalia.
3. Drunken revelry; an orgy.
4. A song or a dance in honor of Bacchus.


In Greek mythology was a companion and tutor to the wine God. Typically older than the satyrs sometimes thought to be differentiated from a satyr by having the attributes of a horse rather than a goat..


The female devotees of the wine-god, thus also called Bacchae and Bacchantes. Inspired by him to ecstatic frenzy, they accompany him in his wanderings and as his priestesses carry out his orgiastic rites. In their wild frenzy they tear animals apart and devour the raw flesh. They are represented crowned with vine leaves, clothed in fawnskins, carrying the thyrsus, and dancing with the wild abandonment of complete union with primeval nature. Maenads were reputed to tear their own children limb from limb in their madness.


The festival of Bacchus was celebrated on March 16 and 17.
Cultist rites associated with worship of the Greek god of wine, Bacchus/Dionysus, were allegedly characterized by maniacal dancing to the sound of loud music and crashing cymbals, in which the revelers, called Bacchantes, whirled, screamed, became drunk and incited one another to greater and greater ecstasy. The goal was to achieve a state of enthusiasm in which the celebrants’ souls were temporarily freed from their earthly bodies and were able to commune with Bacchus/Dionysus The rite climaxed in a performance of frenzied feats of strength and madness, such as uprooting trees, tearing a bull (the symbol of Dionysus) apart with their bare hands, and eating its flesh raw. This latter rite was a sacrament akin to communion in which the participants assumed the strength and character of the god by symbolically eating the raw flesh and drinking the blood of his symbolic incarnation. Having symbolically eaten his body and drunk his blood, the celebrants became possessed by Dionysus. Certainly the Dionysus myth contains a great deal of cannibalism. These infamous celebrations, notorious for their sexual and criminal character, got so out of hand that they were forbidden by the Roman Senate in 186 BCE.

When wine, lascivious discourse, night, and the intercourse of the sexes had extinguished every sentiment of modesty, then debaucheries of every kind began to be practiced, as every person found at hand that sort of enjoyment to which he was disposed by the passion predominant in his nature. Nor were they confined to one species of vice — the promiscuous intercourse of free-born men and women; but from this store-house of villainy proceeded false witnesses, counterfeit seals, false evidences, and pretended discoveries. From the same place, too, proceeded poison and secret murders, so that in some cases, not even the bodies could be found for burial. Many of their audacious deeds were brought about by treachery, but most of them by force; it served to conceal the violence, that, on account of the loud shouting, and the noise of drums and cymbals, none of the cries uttered by the persons suffering violence or murder could be heard abroad.

Sources for all the definitions shown above: Encyclopedia Mythica, Wikipedia and www/crystalinks.com

It is interesting that the main God worshiped in Mardi Gras is Bacchus. There is perhaps no other celebration that drags people into the realm of perversion and homosexuality, and Drunkenness is the catalyst! The Mardis Gras celebration is directly related to the worship of both Bacchus and Pan. Both of these gods are often perceived as representing Satan himself.

Ancient Greek and Roman festivals involved sacrifice, drunkenness, lewdness, immoral sex and revelry. In the parade of the pagans, false gods are worshiped by exalting an image above the assembly. Pagan priests accompanied by the idol, shower the crowds with spring flowers, herbs, grain and coins. Both good fortunes, spells, and curses were shouted, including the calls to the idol god to grant favor and blessings.

One of the gods exalted is Pan. (See detailed info on Pan here) He is represented by a half goat, half man incarnation. Pan represents wanton lust crudeness, self-indulgence. In The Roman celebration “lupercalia” a fertility festival, the worship of Lupercus involved cross dressing and masquerading to stimulate sexual orgies. Today the celebration of the Centaur exalts the same spirit of revelry and wanton abandonment, drunkenness, homosexuality, nudity and brawling all still exist today. Source: Mardi Gras

CHECK this Out: The Age of Aquarius/The Age of Homosexuality

Throughout history, mankind has been influenced by spirits. There is no denying that. Why do you think they call booze “Spirits”? But, seriously, something has caused our world to experience a drastic change in the spiritual atmosphere.

We are seeing a great deal of evidence that today’s world is returning to the Pagans Gods of the past…or perhaps more accurately… the Ancient Gods of the past are returning to our WORLD! There is growing interest worldwide in the pagan practices of the ancients. Temples and idols are being rebuilt and erected all across the earth. People are fascinated by witchcraft and communing with spirits.

Our modern society has no clue what is involved in these activities. It was not that long ago that most of the modern world did not even believe in SPIRITS. Now, they are somehow convinced that SPIRITS are entities here to do their bidding. That magic circles and magic words are all that is needed to command these spirits to produce our wildest fantasies.

People WAKE UP! The world of the spirit is very real. These demonic entities have existed long before time even began. They are very powerful, very smart and very evil. Their greatest weapon is deception. BOY are they good at it!

They know your weaknesses much better than you do. They know exactly how to tempt you. And you will be possessed or at least oppressed before you can bat your eyes.

As someone who has been walking by the Spirit of Yah for over 30 years, I can tell you a thing or two about this very topic. At the time, I thought I was Christian. Thought I knew God and was going to heaven. Before I even realized, I was caught up and manipulated by a lustful spirit. When I drank, (which was not very often, thank God), I always ended up doing things I fully regretted later. I did not understand at the time, what was happening to me. I thought I was just a normal, red blooded American girl. I know now, that a demon was using me. Now, I can quickly discern when that same demon tries to affect me. I recognize him right away and I resist him and he flees. But, let me tell you, without the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, I would not be able to do that. AND neither can anyone else. These are very powerful spirits. Ask GOD to reveal to you the truth about SEX DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL. – Cynthia Pawl


H/T to The Christian Truther for posting an article on this.


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