Like Father, Like Son? Jerry Sandusky’s Son Jeffrey Charged With Sexually Assaulting Child

There is a reason why this type of behavior, Sin, follows a family line. Even though this is NOT Jerry Sandusky’s Biological son, Demons and the family curse were transferred to Jeffery! See the reason why in an 11 part Series here: Generational, Ancestral and Family Curses.

News Max – Jeffrey Sandusky, the adopted son of convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky, was arrested in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, and charged Monday with sexually assaulting a child.

Jeffrey Sandusky, 41, allegedly sent explicit text messages to a girl whose mother he dated and lived with for about five years, including some that asked her to send naked photographs, according to news station WTAJ.

The girl shared the texts with her father, who then told police. Sandusky was then asked to leave the home, the New York Post reported.

The allegations against Sandusky also included the abuse of a second child dating back to 2013, the court complaint stated.

He is charged with 14 counts of sexual assault, including “unlawful contact with minors, solicitation of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and solicitation of statutory sexual assault,” the Post reported. Read More Here.