Man dubbed Vampire Slits 5yr old boy’s throat and Drinks his Blood

Image result for vampire drinking bloodSoweto, South Africa – A “VAMPIRE” killer slashed a young boys throat in the street and sat over him drinking his blood in what has been called a sacrificial killing.

Little Tinyiko Reckson, 5, was playing with pals outside his home when a man dressed in religious garments suddenly grabbed him.

He plunged a blade into the boy three times in the throat then laid him down and knelt to drink his blood in a suspected ritualistic murder.

An angry mob in Soweto, South Africa, grabbed the 21-year-old knife man whose face was covered in fresh blood and battered him.

An eye witness said:” This madman was dressed in church clothing and as it is days before Good Friday it was a sacrificial killing”.

“After sucking the boys blood as it came out of his neck he just stared down at him” she said.

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