Witch falls out of her Flying Basket! Breaks Arms and Legs

I thought Witches just used brooms, but hey, we can all learn new things every day!

Bulawayo 24 News – Zimbabwe – A self proclaimed witch allegedly broke her legs and arms after falling from a winnowing basket in an alleged ‘head on collision’ in the air.

The 73 year old widow, Regina Simion, from Lucknow farm has become the talk of Mvurwi town after sources who declined to be named said the “witch” testified that she was involved in a head on collision (FUI – Flying Under the Influence) while rushing for human flesh. (That means she is a Cannibal and cannibalism is rampant on the African Continent!)

“The old lady has admitted that she is a witch and people are still flocking to see her,” said the source.

Apparently she was part of a syndicate after a dead person’s head when the accident happened. Hospital staff barred this reporter from seeing the alleged witch.

Contacted for comment, Chief Makope confirmed that he knows about the case but said he was waiting for the matter to be brought to his court for him to preside over.

“We heard that matter and my advisors are investigating the matter. She fell from a winnowing basket with no clothes on and broke her bones,” said Chief Makope.

Meanwhile, Chief Makope said witches should not be excommunicated from the community but instead the spirit of witchcraft should be exorcised by either prophets or witch hunters.

“Witches should not killed like what used to be done but should be cleansed by prophets or witch hunters and be accommodated in the society like any other human being,”he said.

However, the Ministry of Home Affairs is seriously bemoaning witch hunters (Tsikamutanda) and labelling them as people who stride the length and breadth of the country causing havoc in families. Source: Bulawayo 24 News – Zimbabwe

Found this interesting image of a letter to the editor. Don’t know to which news paper, but here is the website with some other interesting stuff.  Notes and Records