Anti-Suicide Activist Commits Suicide!

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Since this was posted on April Fools day, and it is in the National Enquirer, I had to do some checking to see if it in fact is true. It is! I found other articles and one is from The Star crediting the Washington post.

So, It looks like Satan finally succeeded in convincing this woman to kill herself. I am sure she was hearing voices and was on drugs that enhance thoughts of Suicide. All she needed to do was to call on Jesus, put her faith totally in him and have someone properly cast those demons out of her!

Sadly, now those same demons are wandering around looking for someone else to inhabit if they have not already done so. Her soul is in Hell more then likely, but I pray that at the last second she asked Jesus to forgive her of her Sins!

‘Project Semicolon’ founder Amy Bleuel dead at 31!
By National ENQUIRER Staff Apr 1, 2017

A woman known for her resilience in the mental health community is now resting in peace!

Amy Bleuel, the founder of the mental health Non-Profit Organization, ‘Project Semicolon’, died by suicide after repeated attempts throughout her life.

Bleuel founded the non-profit in 2013 to honor her late father — who took his own life at age 18!

She became an advocate and spoke openly about her struggles with mental illness, encouraging others to open up about their personal demons.

Bleuel also pioneered the “semicolon tattoo” that came to represent “resiliency.”

The tattoo mirrors the grammatical concept that, “even when your sentence seems to be finished, it can keep going.”

Project Semicolon’s mission is, “to encourage, love and inspire hope and support” to others who struggle with mental illness, suicide, addiction and self-injury.

The community hopes Bleuel’s passing will serve as a reminder of the continued importance of suicide prevention and support for survivors of suicide attempts.

“It’s a reminder for the suicide prevention community that we still have work to do,” said Executive Director of Suicide Awareness Voices of Education Dan Reidenberg. Source The National Enquirer.

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