Demon Names and how to Identify them

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Demon names and what they are related to

In addition to the names listed below, some come from the Bible, some from ancient cultures and some from Mythology, Demons and evil spirits can and will take on any name they desire.

For instance, they will take on the name of porno which reflects what the possessed person is in bondage to, Pornography. I have dealt with demons calling themselves, alcohol, homo, liar, religion, etc. They are proud and will give away what they represent by giving you their name, hence relating what the person has done to open a doorway to let them in. They will also masquerade as person, meaning a split personality and take on a human name.

The majority of this comes from a lady who does not give her name at this website, and credit is given to her. She did have a couple that were wrong.

Well…, six years later (1/22) her website no longer exists!

Abaddon – King of the Demons of Hell. The term “abaddon” in Hebrew context is another word for destruction; Also known as Apollyon in Greek, which means “The Destroyer”. In the Holy Bible New Testament, the Book of Revelation speaks of him as an angel (fallen) and refers to him as the king/ruler of an army of “Locusts”. He blows his horn which summons them upon the earth to harm the people who do not have the seal on God on their foreheads.

Abigor – He rides a horse and carries a scepter and lance. He appears as a handsome knight with great power concerning wars. He rules out commands as a leader of 60 legions in Hell. Very few demons are deemed attractive, he is one of the few who appears as a handsome man.

Adramelech – He is a form of a “sun god”. In his name Adra-”Melech”, melech means king in Hebrew. One appearance he is seen as a beast like creature that stands upright with a peacock like tail behind him. His worship was centered around a cult following where people would sacrifice & kill their own children in fire.

Abraxas – The Demon of Lies! John 8:44 The word is found in Gnostic texts such as the Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, and also appears in the Greek Magical Papyri. It was engraved on certain antique gemstones, called on that account Abraxas stones, which were used as amulets or charms.

Aguares – He commands 30 legions in Hell and is known as a grand duke. He appears as a beat like man who rides a crocodile/alligator and carries a spear-like dagger. He has knowledge of all languages

Akop – A demon from the Philippines who is said to eat widows & demon flesh. Also known as “Angul”.

Alocer – Another grand duke who commands 36 legions in Hell; He appears as a dark knight, riding a very large steed. He is said to have eyes of fire, horrible rigidity skin (a face like a lion) & speaks in a deep & narrow voice. He is also known for teaching people about the stars. He is viewed as a “good” demon to many cultures.

Amduscas – He commands 29 legions in Hell as a grand duke; His appearance is that of a unicorn’s but appears as a natural born human when called upon. He is said to bend trees at his own command.

Andras – A Marquis who commands 30 legions in Hell; He appears as a man with an owl like head, bearing wings on his back like an eagles & he rides a wolf like beast. He carries a large, luminous sword with him. He is considered highly dangerous.

Apepi – A snake-like demon, who was apposed to the chain of commands of Ra, a sun god in Egypt. He is a demon of night & is known for disappearing upon the sun rising & appearing shortly after it sets. Also known as “Apophis”.

Asmoday  – Also known as asmodeus below. Considered to be the king of Demons.

Asmodeus – A demon who was banished to the desert by Raphael. He represents the seven deadly sins & his appearance justifies it. Having four heads, wings, multiple legs; A very disturbing demon to look upon. He is well known for causing people to have confusing sexual thoughts/actions & is the primary dictator of lust.

Astaroth – A demon who commands the western legions of Hell. Well known for attacking people through laziness & sloth. He causes people to have great vanity & self-centeredness. He appears as a disfigured man with wings riding a dog type beast.

Astarte – A heathen goddess of whom is known for feminist behavior in women. Causes women to feel “better” than men/ encourages them to feel better than men.

Aym – Also known as Haborym & Aim, He is a demon who has 3 heads & rides a snake-like beast. He commands several legions in Hell.

Ayperos – Also known as Ipos, he is a prince demon who commands 36 legions in hell.

Azazel – Also known as Satanel, he is the Standard Bearer of the armies of Hell.

Azidahaka – A demon who has 3 heads & is an expert at spells & witchcraft. Uses deception to fool people.

Azrael – Known as the “angel of death”.

Baal – Also known as Baphoment, Balan, Baalberith, & Berith he is considered one of the worst demons there are, he commands wars & supervises destruction of masses. He is one of the 7 princes of Hell who is said to be Satan’s right hand demon. He is mentioned in the Holy Bible in the Old Testament. He has a goat like head, wings like an owl, breasts like that of a woman & is worshiped by many cult followings such as the “Free Masons”. He desires sacrifices in mass numbers, often ones that are not known about (sacrifice under deception).

Beelzebub – His name meaning “lord of the flies”, he is a high appointed demon of Hell that works along side Satan. He is one of the seven princes of Hell. His names appears as “Beelzebul” in the Holy Bible. His appearance is that of a fly-like man-beast.

Belial – Also known as Beliel and Beliar, he is one of the 7 princes of Hell. His name means “worthless” and he specializes in trickery & false prophecy. He appears as a man with a beard holding a like wand like staff.

Belphegor – Known as the lead demon of sloth, he tricks people into wasting time & money on ways to increase their wealth. His influence over the world is very apparent. His appearance is a troll like man with a skinny rat like tail. He temps people by means of laziness, or not wanting to work to turn prophet.

Beng – A variation of Satan in the Roma Gypsy context.

Buer – A demon deemed as the “president of Hell”, he teaches natural & moral philosophy. His appearance is that of a disfigured beast having arms & legs at multiple angles. His teachings influence people to think physically & emotionally, not spiritually which in tern causes false belief systems & wars over religious beliefs.

Bumalin – A Filipino god of the Underworld who feasts on kidneys of the dead. Viewed as a wolverine or a werewolf.

Caym – Also known as Caim & Cain (brother of Abel; after his death being appointed to a demon), He is a demon who has great understanding of various creatures such as birds, dogs and bulls. He uses the sounds of water to tell the future. He is said to be related to Baal.

Charon – He is the boatman of Hell who takes souls across the Styx. He is a tall, dark cloaked figure often viewed as the “grim reeper” or “death” itself. He symbolizes death as is heavily worshiped as “father time” on December 31st.

Chax – Also known as Scox & Shax, he is another president of Hell. His appearance is that of a human, a stork & a horse combined; having the head of a stork. He is known as a perceptive demon knowing about all who follow witchcraft and cult followings. He is said to be a master thief. The story of the “stork being a baby to the mother” is about him. He births lies & deception. In Kenya he is known as Chemosit.

Chernobog – A demon who’s name means “black god” in Slavic, he brings all things that are evil at night. Considered a guardian of Hell. His appearance varies but is commonly seen as a Taurus creature (body that stands up-right like a human, but appears as a bull).

Congo Zandor – A priest demon who is worshiped in Haiti. Known for voodoo & witchcraft he teaches how to use herbs and other products to make potions.

Cresil – One of the seven princes of Hell, he is the demon of impurity & uncleanness. Also part of the “crest of dragons”. I believe the common household toothpaste called “Crest” originated from this demon as this demon represents uncleanliness.

Dagon – Known as the prince of depths, he is a demon who lives among the swamps of hell tormenting the people who have been placed there.

Eblis – A demon who is known as the great grandfather of Azeral, his name means despair. He is a Persian version of Satan.

Elathan – Considered a Celtic lord of darkness, he is an Irish demon who appears at night on a silver boat. He is said to have blonde/yellow hair , appear as a young man being dressed in gold.

Erebus – Also known as Erebos, he is a Greek demon who protects the darkness of Hell. He is said to have been born from chaos & spreads darkness where every he goes. Also known as “Er Mo” and “Emo”.

Eurynomus – A zombie like demon who liked to feed on the dead. Identified as and with Hades. Also known as Ibwa

Furfur – A sorcery demon of hell. He is known for being a liar and well crafted in magic. Many cultured worshiped him as he was said to bring “love” between a man & a woman. Modern name is “Cupid”; the god of love.

Geryon – A giant demon with the face of a human, said to guard the gates of Hell. He has vast appearances, some where he has wings, some where he has more then two legs (like a sentar).

Grand Bois – His name meaning “big woods”, he is a demon from Haiti who rules and masters over the forest at nightfall. Viewed as a “night owl” or demon of the night.

Guaricana – A demon who is honored by beating men until they flow with blood.

Hecate – Known as the “Queen of the Witches”, she is a demon who seduces men into marriage then gets pregnant on her own terms, so the child she bares will appear human but be a demon on the inside. She is a form of Succubus. A master of deception, she feeds on lust of men (and women as well).

Herensugue – An evil snake-like demon who bares multiple heads.

Ikwaokinyapippilele – A demon who causes illnesses through the body. He is a nocturnal demon often attacking people at night. He is a mast of headaches (with no known cause).

Incubus – a demon in male form who, lies upon sleepers, especially women, in order to have sexual intercourse with them. Counter part is Succubus the female demon.

Inmai – A demon from Myanmar who lives upon a post in front of houses. He causes injuries to people using thorns. He is not able to move from his post once he is bidden to it until he is unbound.

Irvene – Known as a demon-dog, this demon is often viewed as a werewolf stalking victims at night. Also referred to as a “ hell hound”. Known for shape shifting from a human by day, to a dog/wolf beat by night.

Itzcoliuhqui – A demon god of the Aztecs who was banished to the underworld where he devoured on souls. His name means “destruction”.

Jahi – A female demon who is known for her sexual hunger & looseness. She is believed to be part of the curse of the menstrual cycle (why women bleed).

Jezebeth – Known as the demon of falsehoods, she preys on weakness & angry of humans. She will often find an angry person and once they give into their anger, she will add fire to the flame.

Jilaiya – A demon that flies like a bat at night to suck on people’s blood. Also known as a a variation of a “vampire”. Sleeping in a dark area during the day, waking at nightfal

Karau – A demon who is known for causing death in the world, he effects people by tragedies & illness.

Kasdeya – She is a demon an old demon who appears young. She specializes in poisons.

Keron-Kenken – A Incubus from Patagonia who is said to eat newborn babies & drink the fallen tears of the mothers mourning their loss.

Kobal – A demon who was originally created as the angel of laughter was banished from Heaven and began the demon of mockery. He likes to make evil appear humerus. Causing people to find things like death, gore, illness, lying, cheating, ect funny.

Kok-Lir – A succubus demon from Borneo, she prays on wondering men.

Legion – The demons in Luke 8:30 – And Jesus asked him, saying, What is thy name? And he said, Legion: because many devils were entered into him. A legion was between 4000 to 6000 roman soliders.

Leonard – A demon skilled in black magic, he is known for guiding Incubus’. His appearance is that of a three horned goat with a dark, black like face.

Leviathan – He is the demon said to have been responsible for seduced Eve in the Garden of Eden.

LilithSupposedly, according to Mythology, The first wife of Adam (before Eve) who become cursed by God, and became a succubus. Also known as “Lilitu”. For more information on Lilith, Please Read This.

Lima – A demon worshiped in Haiti known for causing suffering & emotional pain. Also views as or like “Lingelson”.

Mammon – A well known demon by many cultures who specializes in greed, gluttony & wealth. He causes great injustice in governments & groups.

Mary – In Catholicism apparitions of the virgin Mary are seen. This is merely a Masquerading Demon deceiving millions of adherents of the Mary Cult!

Masquerading Demon – Is a demon taking on any form and is a liar. It will tell you what you want to hear.

Mastema – He is a demon who tests people’s faith. In Hebrew his names means “hatred” & “hostility”. He causes great divides over cultures and thoughs who follow religious beliefs.

Melchom – A demon known as the Treasurer of Hell, he manipulates with greed & strife. He causes people to love money & wealth.

Merihim – A demon known as the prince of pestilence, he is known to cause panic and wide spread disease.

Moloch – Is a demon from Judaism who appears as a Bull/lizard type man & feeds off of sacrificing children.

Mullin – A demon who answers to Leonard. He sees out his plans & takes part in black magic.

Murmur – He is known as the demon of music, using sound & voice to mislead and control victims. His powers are very prevalent in today’s music industry. Many “famous” rappers & singers have made packs with him to become famous, doing his bidding of subliminal messaging through music.

Naburus – Known as a demon guardian of the gates of Hell.

Nergal – A demon who represents a certain phase of the sun & a contributor to pagan celebration.

Nybras – He is a demon who makes evil appear “good” by making things seem harmless & fun.

Olisha – A demon goddess who is worshiped in Haiti who is favored for voodoo, spell casting & black magic. She is similar to a shaman.

Oroan – A demon known as the “eclipse” who is worshiped in Pagan belief systems.

Orthon – A demon that is well known for possessing bodies of the living causing them to speak & act as he pleases.

Orusula – A giant pig-like demon who spreads disease.

Paymon – Is known as the demon of ceremonies in Hell. He teaches self satisfaction through rituals & celebrations.

Pitkis – Considered a feared Baltic god, this demon is associated with the night and the evil of the night

Proserpine – She is known as the princess of Hell & sometimes refereed to as Baal’s mother.

Pyro – He is the male counterpart of falsehoods spreading deceptions through anger & frustration.

Raum – A demon who takes the form or crow. He is considered a master fortune teller & prophet of Hell.

Ravana – He is a Hindu king of demons in Hell.

Rimmon – Also known as Damas, is a fallen angel who became a demon. Also known as the god of storms, He likes idolizing of objects and people.

Ronwe – Commander of 19 legions in Hell, he is considered a demon of great knowledge.

Sakarabru – Known as the “night bringer”, he is a demon from/of Africa.

Satanael – A demon who has many believing to be the first son of God. He is an expert in deception and lies.

Set – An evil demon god of nightfall in Ancient Egypt; (Seth is known as the god of the underworld in A.E.)

Shabriri – A demon who waists on resting water at night, waiting for someone to come and drink the water. Shabriri means “dazzling glare” and is known for causing blindness.

Sonneillon – A demon of hatred & anger, he longs for revenge.

Succorbenoth – Is known as the demon of jealousy, want & unthankfulness.

Succubus – is a female demon that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart is the incubus. Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or even death.

Tando Ashanti – A demon who desires sacrifices in the numbers of 7 men & seven women.

Tezcatlípoca – He is the Aztec god of magic. His names means “enemy”. He is a master of deceiving the eye.

Tlacatecolototl – A demon who’s name means “rational owl”, he is considered a god of evil doings & nightfall.

Xa-Mul – A reptile like demon who swallows people whole. He is known for causing pain to the body using his teeth.

Xaphan – One of the many original fallen angels, he is a demon who keeps the fires of Hell hot.

Xic – Also known as Xibalba, he is a demon who brings sudden death. His name means “place of fear”.

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