Human Sacrifice reports in Mormon LDS Temple

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Satanic Child Sacrificing Rituals First Reported At Vatican And Now At LDS Temple In Salt Lake City
A.True Ott, excommunicated by the Mormon Church for his controversial research, says he experienced death threats trying to get at the truth behind deep-seeded corruption in U.S. government and LDS hierarchy. Satanic influences abound and corruption must stop in order to avert World War III, claims Ott in his upcoming book ‘Free At Last.’

By Greg Szymanski 13 Feb 2006

True Ott, a former Mormon excommunicated from the LDS church, woke up one morning at his Cedar City, Utah, home to find a large red cross or X painted on his doorstep.

And this evil sign, according to Ott, is the LDS’s symbolic equivalent to the KKK’s cross-burning tactics used against Southern Blacks.

Although waking-up to a blood-red cross is terrifying, it was only the beginning of the church-led terror campaign he experienced once “crossing LDS leaders,” as his life was subsequently threatened on several other occasions for getting too close to LDS top secrets.

“I am not anti-Mormon or anti any other religion, but just feel the corruption goes so deep into the hierarchy, the truth about the connections needs to be exposed before it’s too late for America,” said Ott who recently appeared on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal.

And the research in his upcoming book, Free At Last, the subject of the radio interview, deals with LDS hierarchy links to the Knights of Malta, Freemasons, Jesuits, the Bush crime family and other top U.S. government officials, including the former Utah Governor and present U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Director, Michael O. Leavitt.

Besides rampant corruption in the LDS church and U.S. government, Ott also feels the hierarchies of other major religions, including Catholicism and Judaism, unknown to the general church-going public, have been infiltrated by satanic cult influences.

These satanic influences, claims Ott, is led by the Jesuits, Freemasons, Illuminati, the Knights of Malta and others, is leading America into a secret fascist state – their government of choice — with the help of these corrupted officials and religious leaders at the core of the illegal Iraqi war and the contrived war on terror.

“Don’t let anybody fool you. Satan exists. I have seen it for my own eyes when I was near death in 1987 and these evil people controlling the masses from high level positions are part of this satanic quest to destroy America using a policy of war and genocide,” said Ott, who has a PhD in nutrition and runs a natural-based mineral company in order to instill good health and nutrition by natural methods.

He further said he reawakened from death’s doorstep with a new purpose for living, both physically and mentally, including a revitalized search for the truth in every aspect of his life.

“When you realize that most everything you have been taught has been a lie, it changes you forever,” said Ott, who began exploring the origins of organized religion, including Brigham Young and the Mormons to uncover answers to today’s enormous problems facing America .

Starting with an impromptu meeting with a Jesuit priest during Ott’s two year Mormon mission as a young man, he learned of the corruption deep within the origins of the original writings of the book of Mormon and how the Jesuit- Luciferian influences, affected the LDS hierarchy even at its early stages.

Ott tells a long story, told to him by the Jesuit priest in strict confidence, which he broke in his upcoming book in order to “alert humanity of the truth,” regarding how the Book of Mormon was taken from the writings from a little known “white-skinned Indian tribe” discovered by Jesuit missionaries, the tribe’s origins eventually leading back to the Middle East.

Although the story of the “white-skinned tribe” is too long for this article, it provides the beginning clues to the Jesuit-Luciferian and Freemasonry influence still existing today in the LDS church, as passed on through top leaders, including Brigham Young.

“It’s a story that’s never been told an people need to hear about the little known Latin document from the white-skinned Indians which eventually became the basis of the initial Mormon writings,” said Ott.

Further, making connections between reported Vatican satanic rituals and child sacrificing conducted by the “Black Order” controlling the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, Ott said the same child sacrificing rituals takes place at the LDS Temple in Salt Lake City .

In one of his writings, he claims:

“I have interviewed numerous individuals who fearfully tell of witnessing and/or participating in dark rituals underneath the LDS Temple in Salt Lake City . At first, I thought these individuals were psychologically imbalanced for their stories were so very bizarre that they could not have possibly been true. Imagine, the hierarchy sacrificing human infants, and even consuming human flesh during candlelit secret ceremonials? Now, however, I am more inclined to believe these individuals.

“LDS President Wilford Woodruff recorded the following information given to him in a meeting with Brigham Young: “Under the pulpit in the west End [of the SLC Temple ] will be a place to Offer Sacrafizes. [sp] There will be an Altar prepared for that purposes [sp] so that when any sacrifices are to be offered they should be offered there.” (Wilford Woodruff’s Journal: 1833-1898, December 18, 1857, vol. 5, p. 140.)

“To this truth seeker, this quote is very troublesome for a couple of fairly obvious reasons. The individuals I interviewed claimed to have seen such an altar, and claimed it was underneath the west end of the temple. According to this personal journal entry, such an altar apparently existed at one time, and in all likelihood yet exists today.”

Further, it’s interesting to listen to his research work, connecting the historical dots between Luciferian worshipping Masons and the LDS church. Although highly controversial and in part leading to his excommunication, here is a portion of his writings to be contained in his new book, Free At Last:

“I declare this to the world. It is true. I cannot deny it,” wrote Ott. “It all comes back to the truths declared by David Whitmer and the fact that the LDS Church became controlled by Luciferian worshipping Masons. Why aren’t we listening?

“Need more ‘evidence’ before you cast your ‘vote’? The two highest ‘authorities’ in Masonry following the deaths of Adam Weishapt and Nathan Rothschild became the Italian Godfather of the Sicilian mafia, Giuseppe Mazzini, and his American counterpart, Confederate General, convicted Civil War conspirator, and founder of the Ku Klux Klan, one Albert Pike. General Pike consolidated Masonic thought and doctrine in a master thesis he entitled “Morals and Dogma”. A careful reading of this can lead the reader to only one conclusion if he has an honest heart, and that is that Freemasonry is a very cleverly disguised Luciferian religion – and the parallels to Mormonism are totally stunning.

“Pike talks about the “Light-bearer” bringing knowledge and power to the entire earth through higher education, religion, and government. Most of the book talks about these ideals, which most people would accept on face value to be fine and upstanding principles. But then he hits us with the ‘clincher’ – when he declares just who the “Light-bearer” is – none other than the fallen angel known as Lucifer, the son of the morning. The son of the morning is he who brings ‘first light’ to the earth. He is their God, and it is He that they worship. In other private letters, Pike discusses the need for the ‘Luciferian Doctrine’ to eliminate the false traditions of Christianity throughout the world. In fact, no mention is made of Jesus Christ in “Morals and Dogma” except in less than flattering terms. One of the ancient names for Jehovah, or the coming Messiah is Adonay – which means the chosen, or the only begotten of God.

“On page 321 of Pike’s book, Morals and Dogma, we read the following dissertation and declaration on the nature and character of Mason’s “god” – the ‘light-bearer’ and the fallacy of him being wrongly described by Non-Masons as the ‘spirit of darkness’. Pike declares: “ LUCIFER, the Light-Bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! It is HE who bears the LIGHT, and with its splendors intolerably blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish Souls? Doubt it not! For TRADITIONS are full of Divine Revelations and Inspirations: and Inspiration is not of one Age nor of one Creed.”

“In other words, Pike is here declaring the danger of listening to personal revelations and inspirations – for in so doing we are subscribing to false traditions and demoting Lucifer from his exalted rank of Light-Bearer to the Spirit of Darkness. Oh, how subtle and skillful Lucifer is. He would make a great General Authority – but then again, he WAS. How easily he deludes good men and women into calling good evil, and evil good. How subtle he is in twisting eternal truths into falsehoods, and leading upright and moral spirits into rituals that eternally bind them to him, and away from the Savior Jesus Christ. Do you think Lucifer does not know the Savior VERY, VERY WELL?

“The apostle Paul warns us about Lucifer and Satan in 2 Corinthians 11: 13-15 in much the same way David Whitmer is warning us in 1887. (Don’t forget that David was called to hold the same ‘office’ as Paul, so it should come as no surprise!) Paul warns us that there will be FALSE APOSTLES who work in deceit by TRANSFORMING THEMSELVES into the apostles of Christ —— “and no marvel; for SATAN HIMSELF IS TRANSFORMED INTO AN ANGEL OF LIGHT” – so why should we marvel that his ministers themselves are also transformed into supposed ‘ministers of righteousness’ and whose ends shall be according to their works. I submit that this transformation referred to is simply one of APPEARANCES – not REALITY! In this, the ancient Knights Templar and Masonic traditions follow closely the pattern given them by Lucifer – to COUNTERFEIT truth and the pure light of Christ. Thus, it is not surprising that Pike extols Lucifer – or Baphomet – the ancient “Goat-God” as the God of Light. Lucifer’s henchman Satan is also portrayed by Pike as a simple ‘misrepresentation’.

“In the writings of French High Mason, A.C. Del L Rive, he records the following ‘High Council Instructions’ issued to him by Albert Pike on July 14, 1889, as well as to the other 23 SUPREME HIGH COUNCILS OF THE WORLD: “To you, Sovereign Grand Inspector Generals, we say this, that you may repeat it to only the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st, and 30th degrees — that the Masonic RELIGION should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, MAINTAINED IN THE PURITY OF THE LUCIFERIAN DOCTRINE”

Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately, Adonay is also God. Thus, the doctrine of Satanism is a HERESY; and the true and pure philosophic religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay; but Lucifer, the GOD OF LIGHT AND GOD OF GOOD, is struggling for humanity AGAINST ADONAY, the God of Darkness and Evil.

“In this, one must never lose sight of the fact that Pike at this time occupied simultaneously the joint positions of Grand Master of the Central Directory of Washington D.C., and that of Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of Charleston and that of Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry. In other words, he was the Grand Poo-Bah of all Grand Poo-Bahs. This point also must be made. Clearly, it is the goal of the inner core of elitist Luciferians to NEVER LET THE GENERAL MEMBERSHIP OF THE RELIGION KNOW WHAT IS REALLY BEING WORSHIPPED!

“The rank and file Masonic membership are taught to live moral, upright, honest and chaste lives while the hierarchy practices the dark arts and the Black Mass in secrecy and obscurity – and thus they are able to deceive the people into a false sense of security and loyalty. In Mormon Masonry, the ‘tie that binds’ is literally the primal human emotion, LOVE of family, friends, and the ‘tradition’ of being ‘accepted’ in a social ‘club’ that performs numerous acts of charity – with the anchor ‘truth’ being the miraculous Book of Mormon. This, however, should not blind the general membership to the FACTS of our Mormon history, nor the very real POSSIBILITY that the Mormon Hierarchy is yet today participating in Lucifer’s Third Degree – which involves open Tantric Sex and even human sacrifice.

“Also, Pike writes in Morals and Dogma, p. 102: “—.. for Satan is NOT a black god, but instead is the negation of God. The Devil is the personification of Atheism or Idolatry. For the initiated, this is not a PERSON, but a FORCE, CREATED FOR GOOD, but which may serve for evil. It is the instrument of LIBERTY or FREE WILL. They represent this Force, which presides over the physical generation, under the mythological and horned form of the God PAN; thence came the he-goat of the Sabbat, BROTHER of the Ancient Serpent and the Light Bearer or Phosphor of which the POETS have made the false Lucifer of the Legend.”

“Pike outright celebrates Satan’s ‘liberation’ of Adam and Eve. Pike declares the “power of the Serpent” in the Garden of Eden as a pure source of ‘light’ and is honored by the “pure Luciferian religion” as “serpent power”, the “Force”, and is ultimately described as the Kundalini or “serpent force”. Pike, the Sovereign Pontiff of Lucifer, declares that Satan is not the god “of the Powers of Darkness”, but instead is the prime ministering FORCE of the god of Masonry’s light, Lucifer. Oh, but dear reader, it gets even worse. Pike also revised the BLACK MASS in which Satan’s subversion of Adam and Eve is CELEBRATED. (I ask the honest in heart Mormon to consider, are we not also ‘celebrating’ the fall of Eve in the endowment? Are we not asked to support Eve in her ‘deception’ by Lucifer when she asks LUCIFER “is there no other way”, and then partakes by saying, “I will partake that MAN may be”? Are we not asked to honor Eve as making an ultimately WISE decision by obeying Lucifer and disobeying Father and Adonay to bring MAN into existence?)

“Could it be even remotely possible that the REAL story of Adam and Eve is the story of the historical figure known as King Nimrod and his queen, the “Goddess Diana” – the original Whore of Babylon that fornicated with the Serpent to bring forth LUCIFER’S SEED (the Babylonians) approximately 7,000 years ago? The LDS Endowment parallels the Sumerian texts in that they both describe the Whore of Babylon as being blessed with extreme wisdom and the knowledge of esoteric ‘mysteries’ and ‘secrets’ from the Serpent after her ‘fornication’ with him. ( Lucifer tempts Eve (Dianna) with a very desirable ‘fruit’ that will ultimately open up her eyes and bring her the knowledge of the Gods so that she may become one.) Could this ‘fruit’ be sexual intercourse with Lucifer that produced the personage of Cain – Lucifer’s “only begotten son”? Where did the ‘western world’ even get the story of Adam and Eve in the first place?

“From the Jews of course – just coincidentally the SAME RACE WHO THE BOOK OF MORMON CLAIMS WERE TAKEN CAPTIVE INTO BABYLON IN 600 B.C.! Could it be possible that the history of our “first parents” are in reality the ‘first parents’ of the Babylonians, and is the history of Lucifer’s seed? And if so, does it not follow that the Jews of 600 B.C. never really ‘escaped’ from Babylon , but after 3 or 4 centuries eventually BECAME Babylon by embracing their culture and traditions? Is this not the ritual that the Jewish priests were performing, causing them to be rebuked so strongly by Jesus Christ – Adonay? Is it any wonder therefore that WICCA and the Black Mass give such honor and glory to the Goddess Dianna?

“In a recent book by Dr. Cathy Burns, (1994), called Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star: The Masonic Connection, she quotes retired Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy, William Guy Carr who testifies: “While Pike was Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry, and Head of the Illuminati during the 1870’s he revised and modernized the ritual of the Black Mass celebrated to emphasize the Luciferian and Satanic victory achieved in the Garden of Eden, and over Christ to end his mission on earth. The celebrant of the Black Mass plays the part of Satan.

“He introduces a Virgin Priestess to the joys of sexual intercourse and makes known to her the mystery of procreation — through intercourse with a goat. Lucifer is worshipped as “The giver of the True Light”; the fountain of All wisdom; and as the greatest of all Supernatural Beings. Satan is worshipped as Lucifer’s Prime Minister. A Black Mass is usually followed by a Bacchanalian orgy. Those who attend are supplied with sex-stimulating drugs and beverages. They worship the body and indulge in sexual excesses, and perversions, of all kinds. Priestesses are provided for the occasion.”

“What are LDS ‘sisters’ promised to ‘become’ if they are ultimately ‘true and faithful’ to their oaths and covenants? Why, queens and PRIESTESSES of course! To who? To the “most high God”. Of course, the question then becomes – WHICH GOD?

“Adam Weishapt and Albert Pike both have written about the ultimate level of illumination with God ( Lucifer) known as the “3rd Degree”. To achieve this level, a priest or priestess MUST use perverse sexual liasons to mock the most sacred gift given by Heavenly Father to mankind – that of procreation and reproduction. Specific Luciferian rituals include perverted sexual activities to ‘possess’ certain psychic and/or metaphysical centers of the human body. To gain total ‘illumination’, initiates are encouraged to participate in what is referred to as TANTRIC SEX. There are three components of Tantric Sex – Fornication, Adultery (Polygamy), and Sodomy. Tantric Sex is designed to fill three primary areas of the human body with the spirit of a demon – specifically the mouth, vaginal or penis opening (where liquid waste leaves the body, and reproduction begins), and the anus. The spirit of the demon enters the human body upon the consummation of any three of the Tantric components.

“Enter Lucifer’s ‘holy spirit’ known as Set, or Aiwass. (The unholy Trinity equals Lucifer, Satan, and Set, or Aiwass.) Set is described as a demon ‘Spirit Guide’ which through perverted “sex magic” infests the occult initiate with possession by the heavenly hosts who chose to follow Lucifer. The three components of Tantric Sex, especially polygamy, is a major way in which Demonic Possession can be passed from one person to another. Thank you so much Brigham, Sydney, and Dr. Avard for exposing Joseph to the “new and everlasting covenant” of Plural Marriage!!”

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