Generational, Ancestral and Family Curses Part 11

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Generational, Ancestral and Family Curses – Conclusion

Romans Chapter 8 sums up what it means to sow to the Spirit and flesh. I have selected the first 17 verses for those who will not pick up a correct translation and read for themselves how to Live and Walk in the Spirit. These are excerpted from the Jimmy Swaggart Expositor’s Study Bible. Commentary is in (smaller Black font) If you like this format and want to purchase an Expositor’s Study Bible, you can do so at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries

Romans Chapter 8:1-17

1 There is therefore now no condemnation (guilt) to them which are in Christ Jesus (refers back to Rom. 6:3-5 and our being baptized into His Death, which speaks of the Crucifixion), who walk not after the flesh (depending on one’s personal strength and ability or great religious efforts in order to overcome sin), but after the Spirit (the Holy Spirit works exclusively within the legal confines of the Finished Work of Christ; our Faith in that Finished Work, i.e., “the Cross,” guarantees the help of the Holy Spirit, which guarantees Victory).

2 For the Law (that which we are about to give is a Law of God, devised by the Godhead in eternity past [I Pet. 1:18-20]; this Law, in fact, is “God’s Prescribed Order of Victory”) of the Spirit (Holy Spirit, i.e., “the way the Spirit works”) of Life (all life comes from Christ, but through the Holy Spirit [Jn. 16:13-14]) in Christ Jesus (any time Paul uses this term or one of its derivatives, he is, without fail, referring to what Christ did at the Cross, which makes this “life” possible) has made me free (given me total Victory) from the Law of Sin and Death (these are the two most powerful Laws in the Universe; the “Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus” alone is stronger than the “Law of Sin and Death”; this means that if the Believer attempts to live for God by any manner other than Faith in Christ and the Cross, he is doomed to failure).

3 For what the Law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh (those under Law had only their willpower, which is woefully insufficient; so despite how hard they tried, they were unable to keep the Law then, and the same inability persists presently; any person who tries to live for God by a system of laws is doomed to failure, because the Holy Spirit will not function in that capacity), God sending His Own Son (refers to man’s helpless condition, unable to save himself and unable to keep even a simple Law and, therefore, in dire need of a Saviour) in the likeness of sinful flesh (this means that Christ was really human, conformed in appearance to flesh which is characterized by sin, but yet sinless), and for sin (to atone for sin, to destroy its power, and to save and Sanctify its victims), condemned sin in the flesh (destroyed the power of sin by giving His Perfect Body as a Sacrifice for sin, which made it possible for sin to be defeated in our flesh; it was all through the Cross):

4 That the Righteousness of the Law might be fulfilled in us (the Law finding its full accomplishment in us can only be done by Faith in Christ, and what Christ has done for us at the Cross), who walk not after the flesh (not after our own strength and ability), but after the Spirit (the word “walk” refers to the manner in which we order our life; when we place our Faith in Christ and the Cross, understanding that all things come from God to us by means of the Cross, ever making it the Object of our Faith, the Holy Spirit can then work mightily within us, bringing about the Fruit of the Spirit; that is what “walking after the Spirit” actually means!).

5 For they who are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh (refers to Believers trying to live for the Lord by means other than Faith in the Cross of Christ); but they who are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit (those who place” “their Faith in Christ and the Cross, do so exclusively; they are doing what the Spirit desires, which alone can bring Victory).


6 For to be carnally minded is death (this doesn’t refer to watching too much television, as some think, but rather, it’s trying to live for God outside of His Prescribed Order; the results will be sin and separation from God); but to be Spiritually Minded is life and peace (God’s Prescribed Order is the Cross; this demands our constant Faith in that Finished Work, which is the Way of the Holy Spirit).

7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God (once again, this refers to attempting to live for God by means other than the Cross, which places one “against God”): for it is not subject to the Law of” “God, neither indeed can be (in its simplest form means that what is being done, whatever it may be, is not in God’s Prescribed Order, which is the Cross).

8 So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God (refers to the Believer attempting to live his Christian Life by means other than Faith in Christ and the Cross).

9 But you are not in the flesh (in one sense of the word is asking the question, “Since you are now a Believer and no longer depending on the flesh, why are you resorting to the flesh?”), but in the Spirit (as a Believer, you now have the privilege of being led and empowered by the Holy Spirit; however, He will do such for us only on the premise of our Faith in the Finished Work of Christ), if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you (if you are truly Saved). Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His (Paul is saying that the work of the Spirit in our lives is made possible by what Christ did at Calvary, and the Resurrection).

10 And if Christ be in you (He is in you through the Power and Person of the Spirit [Gal. 2:20]), the body is dead because of sin (means that the physical body has been rendered helpless because of the Fall; consequently, the Believer trying to overcome by willpower presents a fruitless task); but the Spirit is life because of Righteousness (only the Holy Spirit can make us what we ought to be, which means we cannot do it ourselves; once again, He performs all that He does within the confines of the Finished Work of Christ).

11 But if the Spirit (Holy Spirit) of Him (from God) Who raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you (and He definitely does), He Who raised up Christ from the” “dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies (give us power in our mortal bodies that we might live a victorious life) by His Spirit Who dwells in you (we have the same Power in us, through the Spirit, that raised Christ from the dead, and is available to us only on the premise of the Cross and our Faith in that Sacrifice).

12 Therefore, Brethren (means that Paul is addressing Believers), we are debtors (refers to what we owe Jesus Christ for what He has done for us on the Cross), not to the flesh (we do not owe anything to our own ability, meaning that such cannot save us or give us victory), to live after the flesh (“living after the flesh” pertains to our works, which God can never accept, and which can never bring us victory, but rather defeat).

13 For if you live after the flesh (after your own strength and ability, which is out” “outside of God’s Prescribed Order), you shall die (you will not be able to live a victorious, Christian life): but if you through the Spirit (by the Power of the Holy Spirit) do mortify the deeds of the body (which the Holy Spirit Alone can do), you shall live (shall walk in victory; but once again, even at the risk of being overly repetitive, we must never forget that the Spirit works totally and completely within the confines of the Cross of Christ; this means that we must ever make the Cross the Object of our Faith, giving Him latitude to work).


14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God (the Spirit will always lead us to the Cross), they are the Sons of God (we live as Sons of God, which refers to total Victory within every respect of our lives; if the sin nature is dominating a person, he certainly isn’t living as a son of God).

15 For you have not received the spirit of bondage (to try to live after a system of works and laws will only succeed in placing one in “bondage”) again to fear (such living creates a perpetual climate of fear in the heart of such a Believer); but you have received the Spirit of Adoption (the Holy Spirit has adopted us into the Family of God), whereby we cry, Abba, Father (the Holy Spirit enables the Child of God to call God “Father,” which is done so because of Jesus Christ).

16 The Spirit itself (Himself) bears witness with our spirit (means that He is constantly speaking and witnessing certain things to us), that we are the Children of God (meaning that we are such now, and should enjoy all the privileges of such; we can do so if we will understand that all these privileges come to us from God, by the means of the Cross):

17 And if children (Children of God), then heirs (a privilege); heirs of God (the highest enrichment of all), and joint-heirs with Christ (everything that belongs to Christ belongs to us through the Cross, which was done for us); if so be that we suffer with Him (doesn’t pertain to mere suffering, but rather suffering “with Him,” referring to His Suffering at the Cross, which brought us total Victory), that we may be also glorified together (He has been glorified, and we shall be glorified; all made possible by the Cross).

I pray something has been said in this series that will jolt you into examining your life, be you saved or not. If you will sincerely call out to God, he will answer you Jeremiah 33:3 “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not”. When you do that and ask Him to reveal to you how He sees you, you will fall on your face before Him and ask for forgiveness!

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