GENOCIDE RED ALERT!!! Bill and Melinda Gates are not Happy with the Genocide of Black Babies!

Bill Gates’ wife says African Americans should get the drug before white people

This is not because she is pandering to black people. They are using the racism hoax to make themselves look righteous. Their plan is a sinister one. They want black people and other people of color to be used as guinea pigs. They are not saying this out of compassion. They want to kill off all people of color. 

Read the what is on the Georgia Guide Stones people!! They are advancing this agenda at warp speed!

Melinda Gates: COVID-19 Vaccine Should Be Used on Black People First

Jay Greenberg | Neon Nettle – Melinda Gates has said in an interview that when a COVID-19 (vaccine) is developed, it should be given to black people first, right after health workers.

Between 2018 and 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which she founded with her Microsoft co-founder husband, gave more money to the World Health Organization (WHO) than any other entity except the U.S. government.

President Donald Trump recently cut ties with WHO over concerns over the UN health body’s relationship with the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Melinda, who is married to the second richest man in the world Bill Gates, has revealed who she believes should be the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

In an interview with TIME Magazine ahead of the 2020 Global Vaccines Summit, she said health workers will most likely be first in line to be vaccinated.

Gates added that the shot should then be given to black people and “many other people of color” before being used on white people.

These people are racists folks. They have been experimenting on, and murdering people of color for decades with their vaccines on all continents! 

The following statistics were posted in April by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chairman of the Children’s Health Defense.  Take a look at the information and you decide, is Bill Gates wanting to vaccinate Black American’s first because he CARES? or because he is a Eugenicist furthering his goal of POPULATION REDUCTION? 

Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feeds his many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vaccination ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control of global health policy.

Promising his share of $450 million of $1.2 billion to eradicate Polio, Gates took control of India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) which mandated up to 50 doses of polio vaccines through overlapping immunization programs to children before the age of five. Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) epidemic that paralyzed 490,000 children…

In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) reluctantly admitted that the global explosion in polio is predominantly vaccine strain. The most frightening epidemics in Congo, Afghanistan, and the Philippines, are all linked to vaccines. In fact, by 2018, 70% of global polio cases were vaccine strain.

In 2010, the Gates Foundation funded a phase 3 trial of GSK’s experimental malaria vaccine, killing 151 African infants and causing serious adverse effects including paralysis, seizure, and febrile convulsions to 1,048 of the 5,949 children.

During Gates’ 2002 MenAfriVac campaign in Sub-Saharan Africa, Gates’ operatives forcibly vaccinated thousands of African children against meningitis. Approximately 50 of the 500 children vaccinated developed paralysis. South African newspapers complained, “We are guinea pigs for the drug makers.” Nelson Mandela’s former Senior Economist, Professor Patrick Bond, describes Gates’ philanthropic practices as “ruthless and immoral.”

In 2010, Gates committed $10 billion to the WHO saying, “We must make this the decade of vaccines.” A month later, Gates said in a Ted Talk that new vaccines “could reduce population”. In 2014, Kenya’s Catholic Doctors Association accused the WHO of chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a  “tetanus” vaccine campaign. Independent labs found a sterility formula in every vaccine tested. After denying the charges, WHO finally admitted it had been developing the sterility vaccines for over a decade.  Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines.

A 2017 study (Morgenson et. al. 2017) showed that WHO’s popular DTP vaccine is killing more African children than the diseases it prevents. DTP-vaccinated girls suffered 10x the death rate of children who had not yet received the vaccine. WHO has refused to recall the lethal vaccine which it forces upon tens of millions of African children annually.

Global public health advocates around the world accuse Gates of steering WHO’s agenda away from the projects that are proven to curb infectious diseases: clean water, hygiene, nutrition, and economic development. The Gates Foundation only spends about $650 million of its $5 billion dollar budget on these areas.  They say he has diverted agency resources to serve his personal philosophy that good health only comes in a syringe.

In addition to using his philanthropy to control WHO, UNICEF, GAVI, and PATH, Gates funds a private pharmaceutical company that manufactures vaccines, and additionally is donating $50 million to 12 pharmaceutical companies to speed up development of a coronavirus vaccine. In his recent media appearances, Gates appears confident that the Covid-19 crisis will now give him the opportunity to force his dictatorial vaccine programs on American children.    SOURCE

So, what do those statistics tell you about Bill and Melinda Gate and the nefarious foundation?  Does it sound to you like ANY VACCINES touted by these folks would be something you would submit yourself to receive?   If so, read it again!  Keep reading it until it sinks in.  These vaccinations are designed to CONTROL the UNWANTED populations of the World!  Unwanted by the likes of Bill and Melinda Gates and their ilk.

There is plenty of information out there that proves the true nature of Bill Gates and what agenda he is forwarding.  I pray that our Black American citizens, or any other human beings, will not fall for this evil plot.  No good can come out of a vaccine that has been rushed to production without proper vetting and pushed on an unsuspecting public desperate to be freed from the ordeal of the concocted COVID 19 virus by an evil narcissist whose only desire is to serve his favorite cause –  GENOCIDE!

Oh, and this BITCH is a Catholic Satanist. She wears an Upside Down Cross!

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