Kids that Kill

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Make no mistake about it, Lucifer is using the youth of the world to make Human Sacrifice to him. There is no difference between what the first murdered Cain did and a Child Murderer, in God’s eyes.

Jon Watkins Exposing Satanism and Witchcraft Sept.2009 Revised Dec. 2012

I sit here at the computer having just watched a PBS show about “The killer at Thurston High”. Kip Kinkel is the boy who murdered his father and mother, and then went to school and killed two more and wounded several others. It gave an in-depth story from the time he was born to the day he did the killings. As I sat and watched, a pattern formed, and that pattern was of a boy who was a little slow and withdrawn from others. He fell in with the wrong crowd and was involved in many of the same things that kids are still doing. I am talking about the music scene and these devil worshiping bands that glorify killing and hatred. At the forefront was Marylyn Manson who he listened to frequently. He framed words of a song and hung it on his wall. ” No Forgiveness.. No Salvation”, were the words printed over and over. Then the reference to Nine inch Nails another group of satanists. Police reported that he had hundreds of these satanic rock bands CD’s, which he and friends had stolen.

With all the violence these days, one can be sure of why kids are so violent. With all of the music, role playing games, video games, and movies that have murder as a theme, it is no wonder to a child of God why it is happening. Metal music, role games and Occult movies are just more tools of Satan. Many defend these tools of Satan and say there is a problem with the Children. Yes there is a problem, parents let kids watch violence as soon as they can sit up and watch TV. This will continue and more will die, and the solution is not more gun and government control, it’s a need for God control!! More parents need to read the bible and clean up their homes. The White House also needs a good cleaning!! In the police interview, Kip said the voices in his head would not stop!! What were the voices he was hearing? They were voices of demons that took control from the endless hours of listening to the likes of these satanic bands.

Florida Teen Says Soul Eater Manga, Slender man Inspired Her to Set Home on Fire

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There is to much to list here about Soul Eater and Slender Man so go to each Wikipedia page and educate yourself. Very evil to say the least. This is why you MUST know what your children and Grandchildren are reading. Even Christians, well supposed Christians, are dabbling in this form of evil seduction.

Port Richey Florida Sept. 7, 2014
14-year-old Florida girl allegedly lit her house on fire early Thursday morning and then fled her Port Richey home while her mother and 9-year-old brother slept. According to the police, she soaked a bedsheet and towel in rum and bleach and then lit it on fire in her home’s garage. The teen spent the night stocked with clothes, bottled water, cookies, flashlights, lighters, and knives in a nearby park bathroom.

Her mother and brother escaped the blaze unharmed. Firefighters searched the burning home three times looking for the girl. Her mother received a text message from her daughter saying “Mom, I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I did it. Did any of you get hurt?” Police found and arrested the girl on one charge of arson and two charges of attempted murder.

The teen said she thought about lighting her house on fire after reading Atsushi Ohkubo’s Soul Eater manga. The manga’s story follows Maka Albarn, a death god in training who must capture the souls of 99 evil humans and one witch. According to Hartwell, the story reminded her of being bullied and how her mother disciplines her.

Pasco County detective Daniel Toner said, “There’s a part in this book where two characters get in a fight with each other. All of a sudden that clicks something in her mind, and she decided she was going to kill her family.”

Police found the girl’s diary where she wrote extensively about the fictional horror character Slenderman. In her diary, Hartwell wrote, “If this keeps up there will be no safety in this house.”


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