Mandatory Implantation of Microchips in Employees?

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UK Gov’t Says it Would Likely be Illegal.

London ( – It sounds like the stuff of eschatological literature, but the idea of companies forcibly implanting their employees with microchips is making waves in Britain – although the government says it doubts the practice would be legal.

In recent years, companies marketing microchip implants have touted them as a convenient shortcut to many routine tasks. Employing the same technology used in contactless credit cards, the tiny device is generally implanted in a worker’s hand and can be used for such things as opening doors or turning on devices.

But groups in Britain ranging from the Confederation of Business Industry to the Trades Union Congress (TUC) have spoken out against the prospect of companies forcing implants on employees, a step that could facilitate constant monitoring.

TUC secretary-general Francis O’Grady said in a statement this week new technologies should not be allowed to compromise a worker’s right to privacy. Employers should negotiate with their workforce about monitoring policies, he said.

“Unions can negotiate agreements that safeguard workers’ privacy while still making sure the job gets done,” O’Grady said. “But the law needs to be strengthened too, so that workers are better protected against excessive and intrusive surveillance.”

In recent years, Sweden has reportedly become the center of micro-chip use. Although numbers are hard to come by, “implant parties” – where friends group up to have microchips implanted – are reportedly taking place, and the national rail service now offers a microchip reservation service.

Biohax, a Swedish company that specializes in inserting a microchip – about the size of a grain of rice – under the skin, said recently it was business talks with several large British firms.

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