Police warn public about teen ‘Assassin’ game

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Role-playing activity using Nerf-life toy guns with foam darts played for money

East Bay Times Pleasanton CA. — Police received a call Thursday of a possible burglary in process in the city, but instead found teens taking part in the role-play game.

Assassin, played by seniors from both Foothill and Amador Valley high schools, uses Nerf-life toy guns with foam darts to “assassinate” targets. The object of the game is to be the last person standing and win a large pot of cash from the entrance fees.

Police warn the popular game, which goes on for months at a time, could be dangerous because members of public may not realize it is just a game.

Teens playing the game in the past have been known to stage drive-by shootings with the foam guns to get targets, painting or disguising weapons to look more realistic, hiding in bushes or behind cars for their targets and even jumping out of moving vehicles to attack targets, police said.

In the past, a teen has lost control of her car while being pursued and crashed into a house, and others have gotten pulled over for speeding when they thought their play-attacker was chasing them.

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