Reptilian Faux Christian Christ Violence Punk Band Supposedly ‘Cleanses the Damned’ With Blood Baptisms and Wild Chants in Hellywood

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Note: There is NO SUCH thing as a “Christian Punk Band”, just as the is no such thing as a Christian Witch!

A bloodbath baptism was observed, with many people participating.

What you are about to read, and see, is nothing more than Blasphemy and an in your face Satanic Ritual that is heralded as being Christian. There is NOTHING about this that is Christian!! Isaiah 5:20-22  You may want to read about C.I.N.O.s here!!

REPTILIAN Christian Christ Violence punk band Cancer Christ performed more than just music on Thursday night.

The band appeared at a Barroom Blitz event at Knucklehead Hollywood in Los Angeles on Thursday night.

Cancer Christ is a Reptilian Christian Christ Violence punk band
Credit: Alex Kent for The US Sun
They performed in Los Angeles on Thursday night
Credit: Alex Kent for The US Sun
A bloodbath baptism was performed
Credit: Alex Kent for The US Sun

Cancer Christ aims to “cleanse the damned,” according to No Echo.

In their Instagram post announcing Thursday night’s show, the punk band wrote: “Take the friday off and have a truly religious experience in the city where dreams are crushed, watch bones break and souls get f***ing saved.”

The band appeared as part of an event at the California bar.

A bloodbath baptism was observed, with many people participating.

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