Santeria: A mix of African Voodoo and Catholicism Part 2

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Occult Initiation and one of the Hussies of Hollywood

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Jennifer Lopez’ former husband, Ojania Noa, left, was very candid about their practice of Santeria.

To be initiated into Santeria requires a long, complicated process in which a “Santero” adopts the initiate as their child and puts them through a series of rituals (some costing money). Lopez’ ex, Ojani Noa, who has tried to profit off his intimate knowledge of the star, claims that his spiritual “godmother”, a woman named Merle Gonzalez, took Lopez under her wing and put her through initiation rites:

“At the end of the ‘90s, my black magic godmother – who is now Jennifer’s spiritual leader – was protecting me, taking care of me, helping me and guiding me like a son,” Noa said on the Spanish-language show “Frank Cairo: Sin Libreto.”

“We participated together in sacrifices of chickens and hens, and in one occasion, I was present when they were cleansing Jennifer with the blood of a hen.” The hen’s blood was poured over Jennifer until she was covered in it, Noa said. Then she was bathed in “holy water” to wash away the blood, and herbs were passed over her body. “Meanwhile, the godmother was asking the gods to cleanse Jennifer and save our marriage,” he said. (source)


Noa claims he participated in the Santeria rituals and animal sacrifices only because Jennifer believed in them. Jennifer’s parents come from Puerto Rico, where Santeria is commonly practiced, but Jennifer has strongly denied that she has taken part in anything involving Santeria.
Noa also claims the “godmother” used the bloody rituals to get money from Jennifer, and eventually turned J.Lo against him. Noa says:

“I’ve realized that I was never in favor of the animal sacrifices, but I was present at the rituals Jennifer was doing to improve her career and her love life. Jennifer had a lot of faith in these animal sacrifices, cleansings, black magic and Santeria. But the godmother planned them so she could have financial security through Jennifer. Afterward, she eliminated me and then got Jennifer to start hating me.”
In court documents, Noa stated that Lopez practiced voodoo and put curses on a number of ex-boyfriends including, Sean P. Diddy Combs. In the documents, Lopez’ own lawyer makes a direct reference to her “Madrina”, or spiritual godmother and Noa states that both he and Lopez practiced “voodoo” with her. Thus even J. Lo’s own legal team acknowledged her involvement in Santeria.

Lopez’ former makeup artist has also supported the claims that J. Lo practices Santeria. And as far back as 2003, news reports stated that the reason for Lopez breaking off her wedding with actor Ben Affleck (4 days before the ceremony) was based on advice from her Madrina, Merle Gonzalez.

Lopez visited Gonzalez’s ramshackle wooden house in a run-down Los Angeles suburb. She is said to have become one of Merle’s “godchildren” and regularly turns to her for advice. “I am involved in Santeria and yes, I am friends with Jennifer Lopez,” said Merle through the gate. “But I cannot discuss my relationship with Jennifer.”

“Apparently she can go into a trance for up to five hours at a time and really look into people’s pasts and predict the future. I’m surprised that a millionaire celebrity would visit someone like that.” A neighbor of Gonzalez added: “It’s Merle who Jennifer turns to whenever she needs counsel on the important things in her life.” Astrologists are also said to have marked the date of the wedding as “risky”. (source)

Jennifer Lopez performing at a Mayan temple, a site of ritual human sacrifice, for a video shoot.

This is also one of the hot spots for Santeria. So is it any wonder her demons would draw here here?

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Santeria high Priestess Witch Sacrifices Chickens in Virginia

Some headlines are as follows:
Sterling woman arrested for apparent religious animal sacrifices

Virginia woman arrested for conducting bloody chicken sacrifice in living room
Loudoun County woman charged with animal cruelty in alleged ritual sacrifice of chickens
Virginia: Mercy Carrion, 43, charged with animal cruelty after admitting to torturing and killing chickens in brutal, horrific ways

Jon Watkins – – May 21, 2016

Although this woman is originally from Machala, Ecuador according to her face book page, her beliefs can be linked to directly to similar practices in Mexican Witchcraft. In her “about me” on face book, she says she is a professional in auditing and accounting, so she is not a backwoods jungle girl! The description is in Spanish, which I neither speak nor read, so here is a translation.

There is not much on her face book page. Perhaps she is to busy sacrificing chickens to her false gods and does not have time. One more interesting tid-bit gleaned through translation from her favorites in the other section, is that she is into Psychics! She apparently follows the teachings of Walter Mercado Salinas who is a Puerto Rican astrologer! She also lists the book The Richest Man in Babylon which would indicate that she was sacrificing to the gods for riches. All she had to do was to follow the prosperity pimps on TV which is completely legal. If she had assimilated into this form of false Christianity, she would not be in jail facing more time for animal cruelty then she would by sacrificing an unborn baby in Abortion!

This activity is really no surprise as the flood Illegals from ALL Latin American countries has been going on for years. They do not come here and assimilate into our culture, they bring theirs with them. It’s the same philosophy of Islam and the Borg from Star Trek.
We will see an increase of this kind of activity not done in secret, but right out in the open because we have excepted every kind of eastern religion, all the demons come with them.

The U.S. will be seeing mass possessions and demon manifestations. Groups of every imaginable pagan origin are calling them in, and individuals are to stupid to recognize that they are participating. It will be accepted just as the Queers are now. Perhaps they will open up sacrificing altars at Target stores so Witches and Satanists are not discriminated against! They could also have chickens for sale to boost the loss of revenue for the support of the Queer agenda!

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