California Deputy Attorney General arrested and charged for possessing Child Pornography

Let that headline soak in for a moment…………. So the beta Rooster is really a Fox in charge and guarding the hen house?

All the while he was partaking of the eggs, snatching a hen now and then, even helping catch other Foxes. All under the watchful eye of the Alpha Rooster, the California AG! Makes you wonder why  America’s AG Jeff Sessions has not gone after the Crooked Clinton/Obama gang doesn’t it? But that is a different filthy hen house!

LA TimesRaymond Joseph Liddy was charged by San Diego federal court after police found sexual images of children on his computer.

The investigation began after an electronic service provider sent a tip to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in January that a user had uploaded an image that appeared to be child porn, according to the complaint. About a month later, another service provider sent a similar tip to the organization reporting that a user had uploaded 10 such images via a messaging program.

The tips were then forwarded to the San Diego Internet Crimes Against Children task force, which traced the activity to a home in Coronado. Investigators dug deeper into the user’s emails and chat logs and found the person portrayed himself as a 48-year-old married man with children, although his user profile also indicated he was 52, the complaint says.

When two FBI agents and a task force officer interviewed Liddy at his home on Tuesday, he admitted to using Internet services by the first provider and the screen name associated with the second provider, as well as other linked email addresses, according to the complaint.

He said he used the screen name and other aliases to share sexual fantasies online, saying he often downloaded sexual images but deleted them shortly after, the complaint states. He said he might have forwarded some of the images before deleting them, the document says.

He further explained that most of the images were of adults, but that it is possible some may have been of children, the complaint states.

Investigators then served a search warrant on his home and found numerous photographs on a computer and thumbdrive of minors engaged in sexual conduct, the complaint states. One image was of a nude girl blindfolded with her hands bound together, the document says.

Source: the LA Times.