Cannibal News October 2017

Thailand: Cannibal killer cut out his neighbor’s liver and planned to EAT it ‘in a spicy salad’ to prolong his own life!

Russia: Cannibal couple hunted for victims on dating sites before drugging, butchering and eating them

Russian ‘cannibal couple’ embrace in sick picture as it’s claimed pickled remains in jar were of woman ‘killed in jealous rage’

Russian ‘Cannibal Couple’ in Custody After Allegedly Killing 30 People, Keeping Remains in Jars 

Cannibal couple made human meat PIES and supplied them to local restaurants after luring female victims on Russian dating sites

Alleged cannibal Natalia Baksheeva made ‘pies’ of suspected human meat and supplied them to local restaurants, it has been claimed.

The 42 year old and husband Dmitry Baksheev, 35, are detained amid urgent police investigations into her confession that the couple killed and ate 30 or more victims.

Cut-up human remains were found in their fridge and freezer, and elsewhere in their home at a hostel in a military academy in Krasnodar, southern Russia.

One victim was waitress Elena Vashrushev, 35, who lived close to Natalia and her husband. Others are feared to be women who joined dating websites before vanishing.

Neighbours say former nurse Natalia made and sold pies to boost her income, boasted to cafe owners that she could supply ‘meat’ and may have worked as a chef.

‘I bake pies,’ she told one local. Asked what she filled them with, she replied: ‘Whatever is around.’

‘People are trembling when recalling such exchanges,’ reported newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets today. See more from the three links above

Belgium: Mother COOKED her two-year-old alive on a barbecue! Police find the girl’s charred body

A mother has been arrested in Belgium amid fears she cooked her two-year-old daughter alive as part of a suicide bid.

The 27-year-old, who is reported to be of African descent and has not been named, was arrested in the town of Zemst, north of Brussels, on Sunday evening.

Neighbours had called authorities after hearing a girl screaming, then seeing smoke coming from under the garage door.

When police arrived they found the woman cooking the body of her daughter on a charcoal grill, with the remains almost fully burned.

Officers are now investigating whether she cooked the child alive or if she killed the girl then tried to burn her remains… Read more here.