Cannibal on Trial for Murdering Parents

Trial begins for man accused of dismembering his parents and dissolving their bones in acid, leaving ‘a diabolical stew of human remains’ Theresa Braine | MSM –  His parents threatened to cut him off, so he allegedly killed them. Joel Guy Jr., now 32, had traveled from his home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, that weekend … Click Here to Read more

Cannibal in California Kills His Grandmother 

Richmond man accused of cannibalizing 90-year-old grandmother, ‘digging in her flesh’ ABC7 News | Richmond, California — A Richmond man was arrested this week on suspicion of murder and was reportedly found attempting to eat the victim’s body when law enforcement officers arrived, a police spokesman said Tuesday. Police received a report around 2:10 p.m. … Click Here to Read more

Cannibal Granny

Cannibal Granny kept diary of 11 people she decapitated and may have Eaten! This happened back in 2015. I just ran across it in a news feed about cannibalism. There are some very sick demon possessed people walking around! Tamara Samsonova, 68, is suspected of series of murders in St Petersburg  The ‘Granny Ripper’ is … Click Here to Read more

Moroccan Woman in the UAE Butchered and Cooked Lovers Flesh into Machboos

UAE prosecutors accuse woman of butchering and cooking lover into machboos A woman is accused of killing her lover then butchering and cooking his remains before serving them to workers, according to Al Ain Public Prosecution. Police said the Moroccan woman was arrested on suspicion of killing her boyfriend of seven years after he told … Click Here to Read more

Vampire Cannibal in Russia Kills Girlfriend, eats her Brain and Drinks her Blood

A Russian man turned into a cannibal and a vampire after endlessly reading about ritualistic serial killers online. Olga Budunova, 45, was brutally killed by her ‘toy boy’ lover Dmitry Luchin, 21, smashing a wine bottle over her head 25 times before dismembering her body with a meat cleaver. According to reports, he then “roasted” … Click Here to Read more

Venezuelan Farmer Paid Man to Kill and Eat Him

I suppose things are so dire in Venezuela people are going completely out of their minds! Way to go Socialists! Your daddy Lucifer is proud of you! “The deceased had hired him for a funeral service, which consisted of killing him (the victim), eating part of the body and making paintings on canvas with his … Click Here to Read more

Man arrested in a Prostitution Sting looking for Bestiality a Person he could EAT!

This is what happens when society kicks God out and goes Whoring after false gods. There are repercussions! Stings are going on all over the Country: 18 men arrested in human trafficking mission in Washington County, OR Jeremiah 19:9 “And I will cause them to eat the flesh of their sons and the flesh of … Click Here to Read more

Demons Manifest in Cannibal killer: Murders Woman with Screwdriver and Chewed on her Face

“There’s blood everywhere and it looks like a horror film. “He was using the screwdriver and stabbing.”

Excerpted from The Sun UK – A HOTEL landlady told today how she found a “ cannibal” killer dripping with blood in the darkness after he butchered a young shop worker and chewed on her face.

Click Here to Read more

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