Demon Possessed Man Hisses like Snake and bares his teeth as Demons are Cast Out

There is no need to let a demon or multiple demons manifest like this. Ignorance allows the evil ones to needlessly harm the victim!

The 23-year-old was filmed laughing manically, writhing and even trying to bite to exorcist

Hissing, screaming and writhing around in his seat, this was the moment an exorcist claimed to have finally rid a young man of a ‘demon’.

In a remarkable video, the 23-year-old man – said to be ‘possessed’ by the spirit – can be seen sitting in a chair and writhing.

He shakes and screams while clenching his teeth as the older exorcist places his hands protectively on his shoulders.

At one stage, his eyes bulge and he hisses and bares his teeth at those around him. Source: The Mirror.