Fake pastor in Kenya jailed for bilking Fruit Vendor claiming he could remove Demons from Property

There are hundreds of self-proclaimed pastors in America who are bilking sheeple out of money with the Prosperity Gospel. They too should be investigated (like Benny Hinn) and jailed.

Benny Hinn ties up with renowned Nigerian pastor to launch TV channel featuring God’s miracles Isn’t Nigeria the place where all the scams of a widow having millions to invest is coming from? Hummm!!

Christian Daily – A self-proclaimed pastor in Kenya has been asked to pay a fine of 50,000 Kenyan shillings or spend six months in jail for fraud and his failure to exorcise demons out of a market vendor after he had claimed that he had the power to do so.

On May 17, James Kigera pleaded guilty to conning Nanyuki market trader Bessy Kanana out of 12,000 shillings by claiming to have powers to exorcise demons. The fruit vendor had told the 58-year-old fraudster that demons had assumed control of her life and had caused her business to go down, The Daily Nation detailed.

Aside from claiming to have the ability to exorcise demons, Kigera also told Kanana that she would be able to buy property once her business grows. He asked for 20,000 shillings as his service fee for casting out the demons, but the market vendor said she only had 12,000 shillings at the time.

Kigera accepted the money from Kanana and said a short prayer. He then told her to walk for seven kilometers without taking anything with her. However, she realized that she had fallen into a fraud when she discovered that the fake pastor was already gone when she came back.

Fortunately, Kanana saw Kigera on May 28 in Nanyuki Town, and passersby helped her take him to the police. He admitted to fraudulently obtaining the money from the market trader, but also asked for a more lenient punishment from Principal Magistrate Waititu Gichimu.

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