Hebraic Roots Movement

The Hebraic Roots is a religious movement, and note “religion”, that advocates the return and adherence to the first century walk of faith and obedience to the Torah. Its mixing Judaism with Christianity which the Apostle Paul warned about not doing. The Judaizers were coming into the early church telling those who had accepted Christ, that they needed to keep the Laws, be circumcised, and keep the feast days. It has never ended and has gained momentum rearing its ugly head once again.

Now I am sure these people are good folk trying to do all they can for God. I don’t doubt their sincerity and love for God. Some of them however, are just looking for something that will make a name for themselves saying God has given them a New revelation, or have heard from God that this is the new way he wants people to worship him.

No, if it does not line up with scripture, we are to flee from it.

Always test the spirits.


How do you tell if someone is teaching this false doctrine?

If they are teaching to observe and keep the feast days.
If they are teaching that you abstain from eating certain food listed in the old testament.
If they are wearing or trying to sell you a prayer Shaw and one of them beanie hats called a yarmulke.
If they are teaching you need to observe and keep the laws. For instance the Sabbath which is Saturday in Judaism.
If they preach Israel can do no wrong and that Jews don’t need to accept Jesus because they are chosen and don’t need salvation.. RUN

They will usually also be caught up in the Word of Faith doctrine and Prosperity Preaching, Name it and claim it doctrine.

Jesus came to fulfill the law and when he died on the cross, all of those laws were done away with. In the next 4 postings it will be explained in detail so keep reading.

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