Multiple Cannibalism News Articles

Son Kills Mother, Spreads Chutney On Her, Then Eats Her After She Refuses Him Money

Right Wing News – The most bizarre and horrific stories seem to come out of India and China. Not that America doesn’t have her own share of murderous freaks, but those two countries seem to have a penchant for evil killers. Sunil Kuchakurni, 35, had a fight with his mother, Yelava, 65. He stabbed her to death because she refused to give him money to buy booze. After stabbing her, he cut out her heart and ‘ate it with pepper and chutney’. What a son.
The guy is an unemployed alcoholic. He killed his mother with a kitchen knife. Oh, and did I mention… he also ate her intestines. Why bother arresting someone like this? He’s psychotic and should be put down like a rabid dog. You can’t rehabilitate evil like that. Neighbors saw him walking out of his mother’s home with blood dripping from his hands. An hour earlier, they heard screams and called the police – I guess they take their time getting to the scene of the crime there. She would have been dead by the time they got there anyway. Read more here

Cannibal accused of serving pepper soup made from man’s liver and intestines to his crime gang

The Mirror – A suspected cannibal is being accused of serving his guests a homemade soup which contained the liver and intestines of a murdered man.

Roland Peter, 47, was arrested while allegedly preparing a dish in his kitchen after the killing.

He is said to be a member of a gang who kidnapped and killed the victim in Nigeria. Read more here.

Frenzied man slits woman’s throat and then eats her flesh

Police in South Africa arrested a man after he was reportedly found eating a woman he allegedly kidnapped and murdered, as reported by Herald Live.

According to News24, the unidentified 23-year-old man allegedly abducted the woman in Mount Frere on Saturday and took her to his home in Eastern Cape. Provincial police spokesperson Captain Edith Mjoko revealed that the suspect then slit her throat.

The man’s mother is alleged to have witnessed the grisly incident and immediately called the police. Captain Mjoko said responding officers arrived at the scene and found “the suspect busy eating the flesh of the deceased.”

The assailant became irate after officers demanded him to stop eating the dead woman and lunged at them with a knife. Read more here.

And just for good measure: Homeless man claiming to be vampire rips pigeon’s head off, drinks blood in Bryant Park

Cops have arrested a self-proclaimed “vampire” seen dining al fresco on a pigeon in Bryant Park, guaranteeing a stint in a darkened jail cell — or a rubber room, police said Thursday.

Daniel Ventre is facing animal cruelty charges for killing at least one pigeon near the Midtown park’s fountain about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Witnesses saw the homeless man ripping off the head of a pigeon while standing shin-deep in the park’s fountain and slurping down the dead bird’s blood. Read more here.