Nursing schools fight off Witch Doctors in Uganda

Uganda (Mission Network News) — Do you have aches? A fever? Malaria? In Uganda, your prescription is usually the same thing; a visit to the local witch doctor.

Tasos Ioannidis of AMG International said his organization is hoping to change that.

“The medical care in Uganda is very primitive in a lot of places,” he said. One of the most dangerous diseases in Uganda is malaria, a very treatable disease.

“There is one nurse for every 5,000 people in Uganda, so there is a great lack of nursing professionals who can can offer basic medical services in the local villages.” Read the rest here.

See Satanism and Witchcraft-The Rise of Evil for more info on Witch Doctors in Africa.

Here is a Real Witch Doctor. This is funny to watch but very serious as the ritual is real!