Queer Male Stripper Stabs Queer Cannibal Lover killing him

KEY WEST (CBSMiami) — A Key West man has died days after a brutal attack inside a home that stemmed from an argument about cannibalism, according to authorities.

Justin Calhoun, 24. (Source: Key West Police Dept.)

Mark Brann, 67, succumbed to his wounds Wednesday.

His alleged killer, Justin Calhoun, 24, is faced with murder.

Calhoun, a stripper from Tampa, the Miami Herald reported, told police they were involved romantically and Calhoun would often spend the night at Brann’s residence.

On Monday, Calhoun said an argument began because he believed Brann to be a “cannibal” and questioned him about it. Upset, Brann grabbed a gun, forcing a struggle between them until it went off. No one was hit.

The fight continued with Calhoun eventually gaining control of the gun. He told police he aimed at Brann and tried to shoot him but the gun jammed.

That’s when Calhoun grabbed a pen and stabbed Brann in both eyes, police said in an arrest report.

Bran fell to the ground, yelling for help and “yelling that he was guilty,” Calhoun told police. The young man grabbed a broken piece of wood from a dresser, damaged during the fight, and stuffed it into Brann’s mouth to shut him up.

Next, Calhoun stood up and “stomped” on the piece of wood, he said, driving it further into the man’s mouth, and continued to beat him by slamming a dresser drawer down onto Brann’s head and throat.

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