SATANIC SACRIFICE: Mother burned three-year-old son to death in a devil Worshiping Ritual?

Get this sub-headline at source: “It is believed that the woman might have some psychological problems, authorities have suggested”

Yea I think she has some “psychological problems”! It’s called Demon Possession!

The murder took place on Wednesday night in the colony Periodistas de Mexico, in the city of Monterrey, in the north-eastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.

Maria del Carmen Hernández Hernández, 42, was found on the roof of her house sitting in a rocking chair and holding her son José Alejandro Iracheta Hernández, who was totally burned.

Neighbours called cops who arrived and found a metal tub with blood evidence in her home, as well as wood and a lighter.

Witnesses claimed that the woman was saying repeatedly “Satan” when she was found.

They also said they they had seen several men and women leaving the house and had heard the tot’s shouts

Local media reported that the body of the boy was totally burned and was being held in the arms of the mother, who had to be convinced to hand him over to police officers. Source.

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