38 Year old Man Sexually Assaults 3 Young Girls: And his Defense is?

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Chris Menahan InformationLiberation – A 38-year-old man in Chicago is attempting to escape punishment for sexually assaulting three young girls by claiming he’s a “9-year-old trapped in an adult’s body.” This is where we’re at now as a society.

From the Chicago Tribune:

A Chicago man accused of sexually assaulting three young girls told prosecutors he considered himself a boy in a man’s body, according to Cook County court documents.

Joseph Roman, 38, is charged with predatory criminal sexual assault stemming from repeated attacks on three girls who were 6 to 8 years old at the time, according to prosecutors. Roman was a friend of the girls’ families at the time of the attacks between 2015 and January of this year.

During a hearing Wednesday, prosecutors said Roman admitted to some of the attacks and told Chicago police “he is a 9-year-old trapped in an adult’s body.” He was ordered held without bail.

As a progressive liberal, I think we can all agree this defense is bulletproof and prosecutors should immediately drop all charges (not to mention apologize for their bigotry by charging him in the first place). Anyone who disagrees is a trans-age-o-phobe. Source: Information Liberation


Remember this one?

46 yr. old Demon Possessed Reprobate man abandons his Seven children and wife to become a 6 yr. old girl!

'Transgender' Father Abandons 7 Children to Become '6-Year-Old Girl'

Romans 1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

Paul Joseph Watson – December 11, 2015 – A transgender father who abandoned his seven children to start a new life as a €œ6-year-old girl€ is being celebrated by some liberals as a shining example of diversity.

46-year-old Stefonknee (pronounced €˜Stephanie) Wolschtt is being profiled by numerous media outlets after he/she/xe revealed her story in a video interview for The Transgender Project.

Wolschtt is now dressing up and pretending to be a 6-year-old girl with her adopted family after being given an ultimatum by her ex-wife, who said she had to €œstop being trans or leave

Wolschtt chose to abandon her 23-year marriage along with her seven kids and is now fulfilling her role as €œlittle sister€ to her new parents€™ youngest granddaughter.

€œI have an adopted Mommy and Daddy who are totally comfortable with me being a little girl and their children and their grandchildren are totally supportive,€ said Wolschtt, who originally decided to be 8-years-old but then changed to being 6-years-old so she could be the youngest.

We have a great time, we color, we do kids stuff – it’s called play therapy, said Wolschtt.

Here is a video clip of the possessed man. If you’ve just eaten, you may want to wait for a bit as it may make you want to Vomit!

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