Demon Possessed Idiots Sacrifice two year old boy as part of Occult Ritual to recover hidden treasure

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India – Maharashtra police have arrested two men who choked a 2-year-old boy to death as part of a sacrifice to gain ‘hidden treasures’. The boy’s body was found in a haystack in one of the accused’s home.

Killers ‘sacrifice’ two-year-old boy in search of 'treasure'

The accused confessed to choking the boy to death as part of a ‘ black magic’ ritual |Photo Credit: BCCL

Chandrapur: Maharashtra police have managed to crack the murder of 2-year-old Yug Meshram whose body was found at a house in Maharashtra’s Bramhapuri Tehsil on Wednesday. The boy had been missing since August 22 when he was last seen outside his house in village Khandala.

On the day Yug was last seen playing with his brother outside his residence, his father registered a missing persons complaint with the Bramhapuri police. Posters with the boy’s pictures were put up across the district by police officials and a search operation was launched. Even dispatching teams of officers to Nagpur, Wardha, Bhandara and Gadchiroli did not help the manhunt.

Yug’s father, Ashok Meshram had suspected his neighbours’s role in the disappearance of his child. Based on inputs they received from him, police officials conducted a search of the neighbourhood. As a result of the search, local cops stumbled upon Yug’s decomposing body lying amidst a haystack inside the home of one of his neighbours, Pramod Bankar.

During the course of his interrogation, Pramod and Sunil Bankar, another one of the boy’s neighbours confessed to abducting and killing him. Superintendent of Police (SP) Maheswar Reddy told The Times of India that the duo claimed to have abducted the child with the intention of ‘sacrificing him as part of an occult ritual’. They reportedly performed the ‘sacrifice’ in order to recover an alleged hidden treasure.

Both of the accused told police how they lured the boy on August 22 from outside his home on the pretext of giving him a chocolate. They then took him to a deserted field where they choked Yug to death before taking his body to Pramod’s residence. 

The two accused have been arrested and booked under sections of the IPC corresponding to charges of murder. They have also been slapped with sections of the Black Magic Act and Anti-Superstition Act. They were produced before a court in Bramhapuri and were remanded to police custody till September 6. The duo found it hard to seek legal representation after advocates of the District Bar Council and the Bar Council of Bramhapuri refused to take up their case.

Source: Mirror News Now

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