Demons Manifest in Cannibal killer: Murders Woman with Screwdriver and Chewed on her Face

“There’s blood everywhere and it looks like a horror film. “He was using the screwdriver and stabbing.”

Excerpted from The Sun UK – A HOTEL landlady told today how she found a “ cannibal” killer dripping with blood in the darkness after he butchered a young shop worker and chewed on her face.

Mandy Miles said drug-crazed Matthew Williams was “demonic, possessed and eyes black”, adding: “He looked like Darth Maul.”

Mandy and her son Christian unlocked the door after hearing screams from Williams’ room and found him stabbing and biting victim Cerys Yemm, 22.

Mandy, 50, told an inquest: “He was red and black. He didn’t have a clue what he was doing.

“Christian said to him, ‘That’s a girl there’. Matthew said, ‘That’s no girl’. He put his head straight back down on her.

“There was blood dripping from his mouth.

“He wasn’t himself. He couldn’t have been otherwise he wouldn’t have done it.”

Williams later died himself after being Tasered by police at the half-way house hostel where he was staying after being freed from jail just two weeks before the killing.

In a 999 call played to the inquest jury, Mandy tells the operator: “He’s shoving a screwdriver in her face. He’s actually chewing her face. “He’s been locked in room seven. I don’t know who he’s hurting. “There’s a lad in the room. He’s actually eating her. It’s awful. His name is Matthew Williams and he’s in room seven.”

She is heard sobbing as she says: “There was screaming and screaming. Oh my God. It’s awful. “I went into the room and he’s killed her. Oh my God. Is this real?

Earlier the inquest heard mentally ill Williams had binged on drink and drugs and told his mother his “head wasn’t right” in the days leading up to the killing in November 2014.

He had been released from custody with no medication or supervision despite being sectioned twice and complaining of hearing voices in his head, the jury was told.

Best friend Rhodri Moore said Williams seemed fine after his release from jail, but deteriorated “after the first couple days”.

He said: “He was taking drugs on a daily basis. He said when he looked at a can of Coke he could see faces.

“He wasn’t very well. He was seeing things, hallucinating. He was annoyed and on edge. Depressed.

He said Williams binged on amphetamines and cannabis after his release and was smoking weed the day before he killed Cerys, who he had met only two weeks before.

The killer’s mother Sally Ann Williams said her son had been diagnosed with drug-induced schizophrenia after claiming he was a tree and saying his food was poisoned. She added her son complained “the voices were back” in the days before the killing.

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