Glenn Beck: Traitor in America and Enemy of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ

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Glenn Beck is in contact with Demonic Forces: His Mormon god Moroni which is Lucifer

Joel 2:28 “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:”

I can assure you that Glenn Beck does NOT receive any sort of vision, dream or prophetic message from the True God of Heaven!

Jon Watkins May 28, 2016

If a picture is worth a thousand words, think about this. No I am not giving a you a thousand words here, there are 1391!

But according to the sign the opposite would mean that the Mexican DRUG Cartels would welcome Comrade Clinton or Bolshevik Bernie as president. Also note the MUSLIM woman in the picture! Why, you NOW may be thinking? Could they, Comrade Clinton and Bolshevik Bernie, be on the payroll of the Drug Pushers just as so many other Politicians, Military and Law enforcement are?

Do any of you know of Mena, Arkansas and the C-130’s that would fly in from Columbia laden with COCAINE and the Clinton’s would meet them on the tarmac when Billy bob was governor? Check out Cele Castillo former Vietnam vet and DEA Agent who was an eye witness to the Clinton crimes. Yes, the Mexican Drug Cartels love Comrade Clinton or Bolshevik Bernie!

Oh and for the record, the Bush Crime family was in on it too! That is why both sides hate Trump!

Glenn Beck and his band of “Merry Men” have threatened Trump as well. Beck seems to lament about Trump whenever he addresses him. On his radio show in March 2016 he boasted that if he were on a stage with Trump, ‘The Stabbing Just Wouldn’t Stop’! The FBI investigated the CIA operative the next day: Feds Investigate Glenn Beck For Trump Threat. Of course, nothing happened. Then again on May 25, 2016, Glenn Beck, along with fellow Mormon Pat Gray, had Brad Thor on the show and they discuss a ‘patriot’ taking out Donald Trump. Once again, nothing happens!

Could Beck be getting prophetic visions just as he did when declaring Ted Cruz was God’s man! It would seem so and he may in fact be getting messages foretelling the murder of Trump. The same people in power today killed Kennedy and Beck is in that fold!

But just like his visions and prophecies were NOT coming from the True God in regard to Ted Cruz, his visions and lusts of Trump being murdered are coming from the false god of Mormonism. Perhaps just like Joseph Smith he has had a visit from the same angel that Smith had contact with, Lucifer! If you don’t know Joseph Smith is the founder of Mormonism and claimed he had a visitation from an Angel named Moroni who gave him the Book of Mormon.

There is a battle being waged in the Heavens just as there has been since the beginning. If God’s people, 2nd Chronicles 7:14, will pray, seek HIS face and turn from their wicked ways, he just may delay HIS Wrath on wicked man for a short time. In doing so that more can come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! The other scenario is that the kingdom of darkness will be ALLOWED free rein over wicked man! of course when that happens, look up, lift up your head,

Glenn Beck (Mormon) Invokes Joseph Smith, Mormon Beliefs During Liberty University (Baptist) Speech

Uhh let me interrupt this story for a couple seconds here. What in the world is a Mormon doing giving a speech to Baptist collage? I mean, don’t the Baptists know that Mormons are NOT Christians? They believe they are gods in training and do not believe what the Bible says? Just goes to show why the Church is failing as these supposed christian learning institutions have no idea what the Word of God says. They might as well have invited the Church of Satan leaders to speak as its the same thing!!!

You had better find out what these people think before you buddy up and support them!  What is the basic Doctrine of the Mormons?

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Liberty University and its president, Jerry Falwell Jr., recently invited Glenn Beck to take center stage to address thousands of students during its annual convocation ceremony, whose speech included references to Joseph Smith and Mormon theology.

The outspoken conservative talk show host, and founder of the news outlet The Blaze, compared Mormonism to Christianity during his half-hour speech and cited that the Lord gave him a message of coming back to “settle scores.”

“I am Mormon and share your faith,” Beck asserted during his spiritually-mixed charge to students, as he stood in front of a large banner bearing the university’s motto, “Training Champions for Christ.”

Beck was introduced by President Jerry Falwell, who noted that the university presented the political commentator with an honorary doctorate in 2010 as he likewise addressed the students during that time. Falwell remarked that the “Sounds of Liberty” also performed at Beck’s “Restoring Honor” event that year in Washington, which the university chancellor attended.

“I heard him yesterday on the radio,” Falwell remarked. “He probably didn’t realize this, but he was using Liberty’s verse—sort of our motto here—’Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.’”

Beck then took the podium to applause and cheers, explaining on a lighthearted note that he ran into Falwell at Billy Graham’s birthday party earlier this year. He then fought tears as he told the audience that he believed he was given a message from God that day to share with the students.

“Are you willing to give your life?” Beck asked fervently. “What are you willing to do? What is it that means something to you?”

“Days before Joseph Smith was martyred he was taken out by the sheriff; they tried to tar and feather him several times,” he explained. “The last time they took him, they said, ‘You owe $25.’ He said, ‘No, I don’t owe a man anything.’ They said, ‘No, you stole a stove’—one of the most ridiculous charges I’ve ever heard.”

“At that time, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his pocket watch,” Beck continued, displaying the relic that he said belonged to Smith, considered a prophet of God in Mormonism. “He gave it to the sheriff and said, ‘I owe no man nothing.’ They let him go. They killed him, but on the warrant for his arrest, he wrote on the back of his warrant to his people, ‘Put down your guns. No matter what happens, put down your guns. Put down your guns and trust in the Lord.’”

He then compared Smith’s story to the challenges that Liberty students may face in the days ahead.

“You are going to be pushed and challenged every step of the way,” Beck said. “What is it that you truly believe?”

Later in his message, the Mormon talk show host told the students that “no one in the Grand Councils” sent them to earth just to make a living. Beck was referring to the Mormon belief that human souls pre-existed in heaven, and that a gathering of heavenly beings known as the Grand Councils, send certain individuals to earth to accomplish a special purpose.

“You didn’t come down for a job. You came to this university maybe thinking, ‘I have to have an education to get a job.’ You need this education from Liberty University because of your only true job, the purpose you were sent here for,” he said.

Beck’s comments were met with cheers and applause during several points in his speech, and was given a standing ovation by many in attendance upon his conclusion.

Liberty University, which is considered to be the nation’s largest Christian university and whose motto is “Training Champions for Christ” has been under fire for continuing to drift from biblical Christianity.

As previously reported, concerns were expressed last month after the university minimized objections to the utilization of a homosexual advocate to teach students choreography in its presentation of Mary Poppins. Many also expressed disagreement when Brandon Ambrosino, a Liberty student that came out as an open homosexual on campus, was allowed to enroll as a graduate student in Liberty’s seminary program. Source

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