Hindu’s Attack: Destroy Catholic School – Hindu Women tried to Strangle the Nuns

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Radical Hindu’s throughout India have been attacking True Christians along with Catholic churches.  In this translated article from Tamil Nadu, hundreds of demon possessed Hindu’s attacked a Catholic school house.

Members of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh destroyed the Little Flower Higher Secondary School in Chinnasalem. The damages amount to 129,400 euros. Some women tried to strangle the nuns.

A mob of Hindu radicals has devastated a Catholic school in Tamil Nadu and tried to strangle some of the teaching nuns. The spark that sparked the fury of the nationalists was the suicide of a 15-year-old girl, disappointed by the bad school results. However for sr. Devaseer Mary, “it is evident that the violence unleashed against the school and the destruction inflicted was premeditated and organized”. Then he adds: “The criminals wanted to hit the nuns”.

Sr. Devaseer Mary is the provincial superior of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who run the devastated high school, the Little Flower Higher Secondary School in Chinnasalem, about 260 km south-west of Chennai. In an official statement released following the incident, the superior explains that the institute was founded 74 years ago to educate children of poor families. At the moment 2,150 students are enrolled, of which 117 very poor girls who come from neighboring villages and are housed in the school hostel.

Over the years, in the classrooms of this institute more than 45 thousand boys have passed, both boys and girls. All pupils, regardless of ethnicity and religious beliefs, offered quality education, allowing them to have a dignified life and earn a place in society.

It all started with the suicide of Poongulazhi, a girl who attended the 10th class. On March 25, the young woman took her life in her village of Kallakurichi, not far from the high school she attended. The parents advised the authorities that they did not find any farewell messages.

The next day the parents, accompanied by 200 activists from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (Rss, ultra-nationalist Hindu paramilitary group), attacked the school and attacked the nuns. The whole building was devastated: classrooms, desks, windows, auditoriums. The attackers did not spare the places of worship: the chapel was turned upside down, the statue of the decapitated Madonna, the altar with a pickaxe. A group of women also tried to strangle the religious with their rosary and stripped them.

The damage estimated by the school amounts to 10 million rupees [129,400 euros – ed ]. The Council of Tamil Nadu bishops condemns the incident and asks the government to immediately launch an investigation, take action against the guilty and protect the sisters school. It is joined by the appeal of sr. Mary, who protests: “It is really painful and shocking that after the attack on our private property and the attack on people, the criminals returned with the police and demanded reparations. This is not justifiable. It is a cruel act that expresses their violent mentality “. (source

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