Florida School for Boys: Was it a Sanctuary for Satanists and Pedophiles?

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“After passage of resolutions by both houses of the legislature, on April 26, 2017, the state held a formal ceremony to apologize personally to two dozen survivors of the school and to families of other victims.” Source

It is very possible that government officials and law enforcement were involved due to the cover up of the abuse. The incompetence of the authorities is almost beyond belief.  

Most of the time, in these cases, it is found out many years later that those doing the abuse were performing Satanic rituals on the children that were, and are, being supplied to these hounds of Hell

Workers find 27 possible human GRAVES at notorious Florida reform school for boys where children were ‘locked in chains, beaten and sexually abused’ – taking potential number of burials at the site to more than EIGHTY

Workers may have found 27 more human graves near a notorious Florida reform school shuttered in 2011, where children were said to have been locked in chains, beaten and sexually abused.

‘Anomalies consistent with possible graves’ were uncovered at the site of the former Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys in the Florida Panhandle city of Marianna.

Department of Environmental Protection workers made the discovery as they were preparing to clean up fuel storage 500 feet adjacent to Boot Hill Cemetery, Miami Herald reports.

The discovery would put the estimated number of bodies buried at the site at 82.

The largest gravesite already known is on the northside of the campus, where African-American boys were buried when the school was segregated. 

It is at this site where 31 graves are marked with white crosses, but researchers said they believed they do not correspond with actual burial sites. Read more at the Daily Mail

The Florida School for Boys, also known as the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys (AGDS)

A reform school operated by the state of Florida in the panhandle town of Marianna from January 1, 1900, to June 30, 2011. For a time, it was the largest juvenile reform institution in the United States. A second campus was opened in the town of Okeechobee in 1955. Throughout its 111-year history, the school gained a reputation for abuse, beatings, rapes, torture, and even murder of students by staff. Despite periodic investigations, changes of leadership, and promises to improve, the allegations of cruelty and abuse continued.

After the school failed a state inspection in 2009, the governor ordered a full investigation. Many of the historic and recent allegations of abuse and violence were confirmed by separate investigations by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in 2010, and by the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice in 2011. State authorities closed the school permanently in June 2011. At the time of its closure, it was a part of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.

Because of questions about the number of deaths at the school and a high number of unmarked graves, the state authorized a forensic anthropology survey by University of South Florida in 2012. They identified 55 burials on the grounds, most outside the cemetery, and documented nearly 100 deaths at the school. The state said it did not have authority to allow exhumation of graves, which would permit determination of cause of death and identification of remains. (In addition it wanted to sell land on the property.) A family member of a student who died at the school in 1934, and who wanted to reinter his remains, filed suit and gained an injunction against the state’s moving ahead with the sale before remains could be exhumed and identified. The state responded to the court injunction and authorized more work by a multi-disciplinary team from the University of South Florida, including exhumations. In January 2014 the USF team issued its final report, having made seven DNA matches and 14 presumptive identifications of remains. They will continue to work on identification.

In the late 20th century, former students who had been held at the school in the 1950s and 1960s began to share accounts of abuses that they had suffered or observed against students. They organized as a group who became known as “The White House Boys”. By the early 21st century, there were about 400 members, survivors of this school from the 1950s and 1960s. Since the early 2000s, members of the group began to speak publicly about their experiences to media, and to challenge the state to investigate practices and personnel at the school. More than 300 men have publicly recounted abuse and torture at the school. The survivors have had some internal struggles and set up more than one website.

In 2009 the Florida School for Boys was the subject of an extensive special report, For Their Own Good, published by the St. Petersburg Times. Allegations focusing on the 1960s included claims that one room was used for whipping white boys and another for black boys. (The facility was fully segregated until 1968.) The whippings were carried out by guards using a 3-foot-long belt made of leather and metal, and were so severe that the victim’s underwear could become embedded in their skin. One former student said that the punishments were severe but justified; another said that he had seen a boy trapped in a running laundry dryer at the school and suspected the boy was killed.

One former student claimed that he was punished in the White House house eleven times, receiving a total of more than 250 lashes. Others alleged that they were whipped until they lost consciousness and that the punishments were made harsher for boys who cried.[10] Some alumni also claimed that there was a “rape room” at the school, where they were sexually abused by guards. The complainants said that some of the victims were as young as nine years old. Source: Wikipedia – See much more there

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