Horrifying Statistics in Study reveals Youngest Children Face the Worst Sex Abuse

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‘We are also speaking about … babies who are just months old’

When I read this, Extreme Anger welled up in me and then overwhelming sorrow and a feeling of despair for the children! But then the Holy Spirit took over! That reader is the only thing that will keep you from loosing your mind in these “Days of Noah”!

WND – A new analysis of an international database of child sexual-abuse cases found that the victim in 5 percent of the cases was an infant or a toddler, and a surprising percentage of the abusers were women.

The study, “Towards a Global Indicator on Unidentified Victims in Child Sexual Exploitation Material,” was done by EPCAT International, a global network of 102 civil societies and organizations in 92 different nations.

Funded by the European Union, it analyzed photos and videos in INTERPOL’s International Child Sexual Exploitation database.

Disturbingly, the study found that the younger the victim, the more severe the abuse was likely to be. The study looked at ages, ethnicity and the likely location of the filming of the abuse.

If found that the vast majority of online child sexual abuse material is made by those in the victim’s circle of trust.

That means “identifying the victim is a priority, because as well as providing an opportunity to remove the child from harm it is often the first step in identifying the offender.”

It noted that there are limitations to the conclusions, because about half the world’s population lives in nations that are not connected to the database yet.

The analysis found 65 percent of the victims were female, 31 percent male and the rest of the offending material depicted both male and female victims.

“When boys were depicted in the abuse, it was more likely to be severe or involve paraphilic themes,” the report said. “It is often considered that most victims of sexual abuse and exploitation are girls. However, the significant proportion of boys depicted in unidentified images and videos in the ICSE Database invites closer attention to this group.”

More than three-quarters of the victims analyzed were white children, 10 percent Hispanic or Latino, 10 percent Asian and small percentages black, the report said.

“The ethnicity may be a proxy indicator for the location of the abuse or exploitation.”

On ages: “Where the unidentified victim’s age could be determined, 56.2 percent of cases depicted prepubescent children, 25.4 percent were pubescent children, and 4.3 percent were very young children (infants and toddlers),” the report said. “When victims were younger, the abuse was more likely to be severe.”

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