Masons – The Masonic Order

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The Masonic Order Lucifer’s little helpers?
A little background

Masons claim there is an ancient connection way back to Adam and Eve. They claim that the fig leaves were symbolic to the aprons that are worn in their initiation ceremonies. Also they claim that Freemasons built Solomon’s Temple and the tower of Babel.

Also Known as “The Order of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons, Symbolic Craft, Craft Masonry”

The True Origin

The lodge is traced back to London, England in 1717. It is believed that James Anderson set up the constitution.

In 1717, Anderson along with George Payne and Theopholips Desaguliers, came together to form the first Grand Lodge. It is said that the lodge was birthed in a Tavern! Good place to start a Godly organization isn’t it?

The lodge comes to America!

The first official lodge was St. John’s, Boston Mass. July 30, 1733. The first American born lodge was founded in Savannah, Georgia in 1734. During the 1800’s, several thousand lodges sprang up all over the country. It pulled political strings back then just as it does today.
Many famous people were and are masons, including 15 Presidents and 19 vice-presidents. There are hundreds of masons in high government positions today!!

In the 1800’s, a man named William Morgan opposed the masons and started passing out anti-mason tracts, telling about the secrets and rituals. He disappeared in 1826 and was never heard from again. Hummmm!

Masons are also part of the New World Order. They serve as a recruitment tool to hide the goings on of satanic leaders. See the links below to find out more about the New World Order.

No one but Jesus is worthy to be called Master!! Masons are instructed to lie for a fellow brother in a court case. If the case is murder, it is left up to the individual to decide how to act. Is this Godly? Many police officers, judges, mayors, lawyers etc. are involved. How can some one who claims to be a Christian turn a head while corruption is all around them? I will tell you how, they are not Christians, they are of Satan!!

Now lets look at Albert Pike. Info from Three World Wars

Very few outsiders know about the intimate plans of Albert Pike and the architects of the New World Order. In the 19th Century Albert Pike established a framework for bringing about the One World Order. Based on a vision revealed to him, Albert Pike wrote a blueprint of events that would play themselves out in the 20th century, with even more of these events yet to come. It is this blueprint which we believe unseen leaders are following today, knowingly or not, to engineer the planned Third and Final World War.

About Albert Pike
Albert Pike was born on December 29, 1809, in Boston, and was the oldest of six children born to Benjamin and Sarah Andrews Pike. He studied at Harvard, and later served as a Brigadier-General in the Confederate Army. After the Civil War, Pike was found guilty of treason and jailed, only to be pardoned by fellow Freemason President Andrew Johnson on April 22, 1866, who met with him the next day at the White House. On June 20, 1867, Scottish Rite officials conferred upon Johnson the 4th to 32nd Freemasonry degrees, and he later went to Boston to dedicate a Masonic Temple.

Pike was said to be a genius, able to read and write in 16 different languages, although I cannot find a record anywhere of what those languages were. In addition, he is widely accused of plagiarism, so take with a pinch of salt. At various stages of his life we was a poet, philosopher, frontiersman, soldier, humanitarian and philanthropist. A 33rd degree Mason, he was one of the founding fathers, and head of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, being the Grand Commander of North American Freemasonry from 1859 and retained that position until his death in 1891. In 1869, he was a top leader in the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

Pike was said to be a Satanist, who indulged in the occult, and he apparently possessed a bracelet which he used to summon Lucifer, with whom he had constant communication. He was the Grand Master of a Luciferian group known as the Order of the Palladium (or Sovereign Council of Wisdom), which had been founded in Paris in 1737. Palladism had been brought to Greece from Egypt by Pythagoras in the fifth century, and it was this cult of Satan that was introduced to the inner circle of the Masonic lodges. It was aligned with the Palladium of the Templars. In 1801, Issac Long, a Jew, brought a statue of Baphomet ( Satan) to Charleston, South Carolina, where he helped to establish the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Long apparently chose Charleston because it was geographically located on the 33rd parallel of latitude (incidentally, so is Baghdad), and this council is considered to be the Mother Supreme Council of all Masonic Lodges of the World.

Pike was Long’s successor, and he changed the name of the Order to the New and Reformed Palladian Rite (or Reformed Palladium).

The Order contained two degrees:

  • Adelph (or Brother), and
  • Companion of Ulysses (or Companion of Penelope).

Pike’s right-hand man was Phileas Walder, from Switzerland, who was a former Lutheran minister, a Masonic leader, occultist, and spiritualist. Pike also worked closely with Giusseppe Mazzini of Italy (1805-1872) who was a 33rd degree Mason, who became head of the Illuminati in 1834, and who founded the Mafia in 1860. Together with Mazzini, Lord Henry Palmerston of England (1784-1865, 33rd degree Mason), and Otto von Bismarck from Germany (1815-1898, 33rd degree Mason), Albert Pike intended to use the Palladian Rite to create a Satanic umbrella group that would tie all Masonic groups together.

Albert Pike died on April 2, 1891, and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, although the corpse of Pike currently lies in the headquarters of the Council of the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in Washington, D.C. (see The Deadly Deception, by Jim Shaw – former 33rd degree Mason and Past Master of all Scottish Rite bodies.)

Don’t be deceived by Televangelists!!
The Lion’s Paw

An important form found among Freemasons is the “Lion’s Paw,” or grip formed by placing the fingers in the form of a cat’s paw. This grip, and its attendant reference to the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, has significance in several respects, both legendary and allegorical. Its message of transition and everlasting life are a critical part of the Third Degree.

As a symbol, the lion has been a favorite subject prior to the Christian era as well as during the Middle Ages. As a result, there is some confusion regarding its symbolism in Freemasonry. The lion has in all ages been noted as symbol of strength and sovereignty. The “King of the Beasts,” whose mighty roar brought fear to the hearts of all, was known and respect by many ancient cultures. The lion’s head and mane were placed on many Egyptian hieroglyphs, idols, and the famous Sphinx, recognizing this animal as the ruler of the animal kingdom. Having the “heart of a lion” was, and is today, deemed an acknowledgment of strength and character. Medieval knights adorned their shields and coats of arms with representations of lions, lion’s heads, manes, and paws. Richard, the Lion Hearted, and his famous shield of three lions are well documented, both in history and legend, signifying his sovereignty over England.

As a symbol, the Jews sometimes used the lion as an emblem of the Tribe of Judah as they expected the Messiah to descend from this tribe. This reference carried over to Christianity where the Lion of the Tribe of Judah refers to Jesus Christ, the Messiah. To the ancient craft, this symbolism was seen further in the death and the resurrection to life of man. Legend had that a lion’s cub, or whelp, was born dead and brought to life by the roar of its sire. As such, the reference to the lion may be applied to the Messiah, who brought life and the light of immortality to the tribes of Israel, through the roar of God’s word.

The Freemason is introduced to the symbolism of the lion’s paw during the Master Masons degree during the portrayal of the Hiramic legend where the reference is to the spiritual resurrection and immortality. The symbolism of resurrection clearly is an important part of a Freemason’s journey and quest for Light. In moving from darkness to Light, the Freemason recognizes his personal transformation and improvement, but the great step forward is made in the Third degree. From the hand of a trusted Brother one is raised to a higher level of spiritual understanding and with the strength so gained, may become a better man and Freemason.

Masons are cowards hiding behind secrecy, but the lesser minions have no idea what the true agenda is!

Secret Sign of Masons

Freemasonry proven to worship Lucifer

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