Pedophiles Should Be Given ‘Child Sex Robots’ As Treatment?

A Philosopher says it’s “inevitable” and sex predators will use them anyway.

Proverbs 14:7 “Go from the presence of a foolish man, when thou perceivest not in him the lips of knowledge.”

The only cure for a Pedophile is deliverance from the demons that possess them! That can only be done by the Blood of Jesus Christ which will cast them out and cleanse the sinner. The pedophile must be Born Again! The philosopher would do good to change his “foolish” ways and turn to Jesus Christ instead of attending love and sex conferences!

Paul Watson – A philosopher attending the Love and Sex Robots Conference in London says that pedophiles should be given “child sex bots” (CSBs) as a form of treatment.

“A CSB – like any other sex bot – would be an autonomous, animated, articulated machine with advanced AI that is designed to sexually assist the human users. At this stage of robotic tech, we are still not talking about self-aware or conscious machines,” robotics philosopher Marc Behrendt of ULB University in Belgium told RT.

He went on the assert that pedophiles using child sex bots was “inevitable” and that an ethical framework should be set up to manage the issue.

It “might seem immoral, preposterous and creepy… [but] how do we as a society protect children from sexual predators?” Behrendt asked. “Should we incite pedophiles to unlearn and suppress sexual urges as it has [been] until now with limited success? Or should we, in addition to other therapies, try to divert to CSBs and not real children?”

Behrendt said that in combination with other therapies overseen by doctors, it would be “in the collective interests of society” to let pedophiles use child sex robots.

However, Dr. David Levy, author of Love and Sex with Robots, warned that allowing pedophiles access to robots to fulfil their sick fantasies could in fact “make matters worse”.

Kathleen Richardson, a professor in the ethics of robots at De Montfort University, goes further than Levy, warning that all sex robots are a terrible development and that “society will come to an end” if their growth is not curbed.

While the existence of child sex robots in itself is a reflection of how depraved society has become, whether or not they would prevent pedophiles from molesting real children is up for debate.

Maybe we should ask the editors over at given how keen they are on giving a platform to actual pedophiles. Source: News Wars


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