Preteen Girls Plot To Kill 15 Students: Wanted to Drink Blood and Cannibalize!

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ABC Action News

“They told us they were Satan worshipers,” Bartow Police Chief Joe Hall said at a news conference on Wednesday. “They did make comments that they were willing to drink blood and possibly eat flesh…”

Hall said that there had been rumors Monday that there would be “issues” at the middle school, and a student had informed a teacher that “something bad” was going to happen. As a result, extra officers were present on Tuesday.

When the 11-year-old failed to show up for her second period class, her mother received a robo-call notifying her that her daughter was absent, Hall said. The girl’s mother contacted the school and said she believed that her daughter was on campus, prompting administrators to launch a search.

An assistant principal found the two girls hiding in a bathroom with a goblet, Hall said. Suspecting that it might have been used to drink alcohol, she escorted them both to the principal’s office.

When the principal, Christopher Roberts, ordered the 11-year-old to empty her pockets, she handed over a paring knife and a sharpener, Hall said. Asked why she had a weapon, the girl said that she and the other student were planning on attacking as many students as possible. Officials then searched the 12-year-old and found several other knives and a pizza cutter in her possession. Hall didn’t specify what the pizza cutter’s intended use was.

At the 12-year-old’s home, police found a hand-drawn map of the middle school’s campus that said, “Go to kill in bathroom.” Officers searched the students’ phones and found that the two had discussed killing themselves after leaving their classmates’ body parts by the school’s entrance. “Thank Satan we are doing this in a bit,” the 12-year-old allegedly wrote in a message over social media on Tuesday. Quote Source: ABC Action News

What would lead these young girls to act in such a way? Maybe it was watching horror movies or the many TV shows that glorify Witchcraft. We don’t know because they are under age and the Satanic media certainly will not divulge the motive as to why these young girls wanted to perform Human Sacrifice to Lucifer, as he is THEIR god too!

Michael Snyder points this out

Somebody must have been praying, because one of the most horrific Halloween crimes in U.S. history was just narrowly averted. As we have seen repeatedly in recent years, unspeakable acts of violence can literally happen anywhere in the country, and that is why we all need to be on alert – especially this time of the year. Halloween tends to bring out the absolute worst in some people, and what just happened at a middle school in Bartow, Florida may be hard to believe, but it has been confirmed by multiple media outlets. See more here

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