Seven students at a school in Port Elizabeth, Jamaica become Demon Possessed!

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This was said to have happened after part of the school that was built on  a cemetery was being excavated!  Jamaica is the Voodoo Capitol of the Caribbean! 

“I hear that a little part of the school what them put on the other day, them lick down the grave and build part of the school pon it. When they were digging up the place them see bone so mi no know if a the dead them that was there get confused,” Smith said. (sic)

Distressing footage shows ‘possessed’ girl kicking and screaming as locals ‘exorcise demon from her’
At least seven students began fitting and kicking out on the floor earlier this month after some nearby graves were disturbed at their school

The 11-year-old comes in an out of consciousness as a number of adults grab at her and scream “God almighty” while ‘trying to rid her of the spirit.’

The young girl’s mum is convinced her daughter is possessed and has been pleading with the authorities to intervene.

Audrey Smith said least seven students at a school in Port Elizabeth, Jamaica, began fitting and kicking out on the floor earlier this month.

She said when a teacher at Ginger Hill All Age school asked one of boys what happened, he told her he’d felt someone ‘grabbing at his neck.’ 

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