Peter Pan & The Lost Generation

Peter Pan & The Lost Generation

People seem to never grow up!

Cynthia Pawl   Exposing Satanism and Witchcraft  June 27, 2015

Updated December 2015

It was during my early years, that our society began to be bombarded with the romantic tale of a boy who refused to grow up. This came right into our homes, in the early 1950’s, with a stage production starring Mary Martin, broadcast on the television. There were constant new versions coming out throughout our formative years. (They wanted to be sure to keep the fantasy ever before us.) Once we became adults… we got the adult version with Robin Williams (Hook). Presented in such a charming manner, this tale seems like innocent entertainment. IT was so far from that. This was a very sinister plot to introduce young children to the worship of self and Satan. Our society is suffering the serious consequences of this destructive plot in major ways. Throughout all your daily activity you will repeatedly hear people braggingly proclaim that they are “never going to grow up”. They are determined to remain young and vibrant. Selfishly pursuing their own desires and never accepting any responsibility. They don’t want to be parents, they want to be their kid’s best friend. They don’t want you to call them ma’am or sir (a salutation that shows respect) because that makes them feel old. NO, you must call them by their first name. No matter your age or level of familiarity. They don’t want any stress or “drama” in their life. As long as you are contributing to their “good time” you are welcome. But, they are not interested in being tied down or committed to anything or anyone. They “just want to have fun”.

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