The Body Parts Trade

I have always wondered what type of a person who could be an Abortionist, Mortician, or even a Surgeon. Cutting into and chopping a Human like a piece of meat!

Money is a big draw but I think there are far more sinister reasons. I think most of these people love working on and chopping up the dead to fulfill sick perverted fantasies! We know there are those who are into necrophilism  and other sick fetishes.

My belief is many of these people are Satanists and Black Magic Witches!

Also consider this story that makes premium Human Skin very Valuable: 

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Cashing in on the donated dead

Part 1In the U.S. market for human bodies, almost anyone can dissect and sell the dead

  • When Americans leave their bodies to science, they are also donating to commerce: Cadavers and body parts, especially those of the poor, are sold in a thriving and largely unregulated market. Grisly abuses abound.

Part 2A Reuters journalist bought human body parts, then learned a donor’s heart-wrenching story

  • After a few emails, a body broker sold reporter Brian Grow two heads and a cervical spine. The spine came from a young man whose parents were too poor to bury him – and they say they never knew his body would be sold.

Part 3How an American company made a fortune selling bodies donated to science

  • Science Care reaps $27 million in annual revenue by recruiting body donors through hospices, funeral homes and online ads. And to ensure quality of body parts sold, it found inspiration in a legendary model of efficiency: McDonald’s.

Part 4In a warehouse of horrors, body broker allegedly kept human heads stacked on his shelves

  • Arthur Rathburn is accused of dismembering donated bodies with a chainsaw and renting HIV-infected parts to medical professionals. Prosecutors hailed his arrest as a crackdown. But for years, Reuters found, authorities let him do business despite signs of his bizarre practices.

Part 5Mystery in the woods: In 2014, a woman’s severed head was found. Who is she?

  • Based on the precise way her neck was cut and the careful removal of her cervical spine, investigators believe a body broker was involved. But they need the public’s help to solve what they consider the most bizarre case they’ve handled.

Part 6Cadavers in the ballroom: Doctors practice their craft in America’s favorite hotels

  • Big names in hospitality, from Disney to Hilton and Hyatt, have a little-known sideline: They rent space to physicians who train on cadavers and body parts. There is scant regulation, and some public-health specialists warn of biosafety risks. 

Part 7A business where human bodies were butchered, packaged and sold

  • For a decade, Arizona-based Biological Resource Center persuaded dying Americans to donate their bodies to science. More than 5,000 did. Here’s what happened to thousands of them.

Army Experiments –  How the body of an Arizona great-grandmother ended up as part of a U.S. Army blast test

  • Her family hoped Doris Stauffer’s body would be used to study Alzheimer’s. The story of how she became the subject of a Pentagon experiment casts a spotlight on a growing and unregulated industry: human body brokers.


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